My Demonstration of How to Cheat at Card Games -

My Demonstration of How to Cheat at Card Games

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Based off Ricky Jay…one of my favorites.

First Demonstration based from here:

Second, Third, and Forth based from here:

I have lame patter, but trust me, the trick is great 🙂


  1. Nice video, but fancy cuts at the card table isnt a good idea

  2. Lot of work needed. Riffle shuffle is even sloppy. 'Losing' the cards in the deck with those cuts ruins the effect. Learn real moves like Dps and a convincing double lift at the very least. Ricky jay makes everything look natural. This looks unnatural.

  3. Nice! Keep the videos going. Hop over to my channel that i started thanks!

  4. Haiz… Stop wasting time… They never left the top.

  5. I will redo this video sometime this year. I see a lot of cardistry people catching a lot of things I did wrong and that ok. Criticism is always great for me. I haven't been practicing much for the past few years because of battling depression. Ricky Jay is really amazing to me, so I will practice and do better next time. I will keep this video up in order to rewatch what I did wrong. (From anyone watching from the moment this comment is posted)

  6. You do too big of a step when you do the strip cuts, to retain the break – You should also square the deck up, before you do your riffle shuffle after it 🙂 Not to be a jerk

  7. everything i saw on this videos except that center deal was incredibly sloppy sorry to say. but damn i hate the fact that you can do center deals like that and i can barely do a regular one… good work on that.

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