My FIRST Place Regional Law Deck!! (My Second Serial Luffy) | One Piece Card Game -

My FIRST Place Regional Law Deck!! (My Second Serial Luffy) | One Piece Card Game

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Today I am showing my Law deck that I piloted to first place at the One Piece TCG Offline Peoria Regional! Law best deck.

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  1. You sat down and talked with us before the regional and you beat my friend round one. Nice to see you get the w man.

  2. Congrats Mike! All your matches were a feast to see! I'm not kidding that you're really the best Law player i've seen keep up the good work champ! you killing it!

  3. Three things:

    1.) I was wylin on game 2 of the finals, I needed to pee and I was going thru it

    2.) I did not know what a casting couch was until after after I made this video 💀

    3.) if any of y’all know homie in the outro let him know I’m tryna play some games w him for a video 😭

  4. Congrats on the win! Great work! Law’s such a cool deck. I don’t play it but props to all the players that do:)

  5. Congratulations again!! It was cool meeting you! I'm glad you found your shoes🤣 I'll see you in Texas!

  6. You did a very good job and i like the decklist. Imo there should be more red 1cost to make the curly and namis, especially curly into nami into another target, more consistent.. i wonder if you never start with 2 red 1 costs and then don't get the search

  7. Congrats! My biggest question! How do you tackle strawbeard decks?! Any tips?!

  8. Yo gratz again brother, what’s the argument against going for 5c Film vs 4C Film zoro?

  9. Congrats bro bro, I just recently got into One piece tcg and I’ve been learning alot from your videos 🤙🏽🔊
    I hope to win a regional or major event soon too 🙌🏽

  10. Congratulations again bro, it was great seeing you this weekend. Little did we know you were about to be champ 🏆! Great decklist

  11. Why ST Zoro over another film one? Color count and blocker law?

  12. You really that guy bruh keep it goin😂🔥

  13. Good shit bro! Told you it was criminal to not have Law in S tier! Happy to see you consistently absolutely dominate at events. Keep it up homie!

  14. Would you consider going down to 3 Nami in exchange for a Brook or Makino. Brook would add 2k and improve Nani’s search targets. Or Makino 2k to help add dadan target plus defense? I built my law list for set 2 off your video has been great and cool to see how you updated it for regionals

  15. Congratulations dude!!! Was loving your matches. And I’m super happy you won with law. As a law player myself.

  16. I’m watching the recap video right now of top 16/8/4/finals. I’m picking up on your play style and it’s awesome. What’s your hardest match up and what’re you thoughts on the WB match up as that’s the only one I’d be worried about or zoro.

  17. Eyyy thanks man congrats you deserve it😁

  18. what do you think about cutting 1 rad for a st zoro?

  19. I've been considering radical beam. It's hard rn to play Law.

  20. Congratulations champ 😎 Been watching all your videos prior to this huge win. I admire the content. I plan on attending a regional pretty soon. You’re an inspiration keep at it. Hope to see you soon 💯

  21. Law always seemed like a really strong deck glad to see it!

  22. What do you think about Basil or Starter deck XDrake?

  23. Why do you run the Brookes instead of the 2K counter promo luffy? It’s searchable by nami and Bonny? Please respond😅

  24. Congrats on the win watched it on YouTube and had to follow. I just got into this and law is my favorite so far to play. So looking forward to seeing your decklist

  25. Do you think that Curly Hair Dadan whiffs too much?

  26. Also what’re your thoughts on 5 drop Luffy? Would you put it in or no and if not why not?

  27. Congrats dude! I hope to see some of your Law gameplay on your channel. 1 of reasons I started recording my local matches on youtube was because I couldn't find good gameplay of Law but now I will pay atention to your channel 🙂

  28. This deck profile looks good af I see y you won

  29. We saw that couch, we all started Xing out quickly

  30. Huge fan of your videos. But how do you win the whitebeard matchup as law? Could you do a video on how to play match ups. Thanks bro gratz

  31. Been watching and listening to you since you started bro, first off congrats I knew you were gonna pop off with this law deck. I remember when you were hype about the starter 5 drop law being I'm the Japanese Champs law deck, I know you are a good player proud of you bro, keep climbing and I'll see your ass at the top pimpin 💪 yall were only 45 minutes from me and I couldn't register in time 😢

  32. Would you ever consider increasing the number of rush zoro in the deck or is 2 good enough?

  33. Congrats on winning. Also that mat is fckn awesome

  34. Ima need a guide or tutorial on how you power shuffle

  35. Do you counter early or block early? Or just take it until x lives left?

  36. Is it possible to get a master class in depth guide on law from you? Maybe on a patreon on something?

  37. Congrats bro! I'm not surprised one bit with how you've been performing. Hoping to get back into the grind again soon with you.

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