New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills | Super Wild Card Weekend NFL Game Preview -

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills | Super Wild Card Weekend NFL Game Preview

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  1. Upset alert Patriots all the way 38-31 by a game winning Pick-Six!! Mac Jones will start 1-0 and maybe the first rookie quarterback to reach a superbowl in the NFL Era and possibly win it!!! Let's go Patriots and do your job New England Patriots!!!

  2. Bills win… 28 to 24.
    On to the next game.

  3. Bills only need 20 to win. No way pats get more than 19

  4. This is a really big make or break year for Buffalo. Now they are the kings of AFC East, they have been stopped two years straight in the playoffs. They have built a contender, and anything short of the AFC Championship this year is a complete failure.

  5. Allen and company better be on top of their game. Their offensive line is terrible and Allen throws interceptions when pressured. Bills defense is very good but they have to watch the run game from the pats. I hope the Bills win but we shall see.

  6. The suspense is killing me. The patriots have had their time, hopefully it's the time of the bill's mafia for the win!!!

  7. Im gonna have to go with the bills on this one

  8. I have always love the Buffalo bills I can not for the game

  9. Busting out my devin Singletary jersey for the first time this year. Let’s hope motor is running strong tonight!

  10. As A pats Fan I always liked the Bills and respected them! But you Bill Fans making it very hard due to your sheer and complete hate of everything pats lol I get it though. I'm also a RedSox fan and up until 2004 I understand and lived being sooo close but not winning the big game and my hate for the Yankees and their uppity fans was true. Not real hate of course! But sports hate! I have a Photo of me my 2 brothers in Yankee Stadium being flipped off by Yankee Fans LOL but again in good fun Sports Hate! And this is where some of you Bills fans are fuking crazy wakos where your hate is real and violent. To you people I hope the Pats crush your dreams LOL Too the other normal and passonite Bill's Fans if we (Pats)can't win it I really and genuinely hope to see the Bills finally win the big one!! But until then Lets Go Pats!!

  11. Earlier this season when they went to buffalo in these same conditions, the patriots pounded the run game while the bills only relied on Allen for their rush. I think that this can go either way, but never count Belichick out.

  12. NEVER underestimate the power of a pissed off Belichik in the Cold… you have been warned ⚠️

  13. Tuff game for Pats however Belichick usually pulls a rabbit out of his hat..

  14. Alot of smart football people picking the Bills but theres just too much experience on the other side and the Pats defense is too good, and everyone roasting mac jones but bottom line they have a good enough offense to make a run or at least to win this game.
    Pats 26
    Bills 23

  15. Bills are going to lose in a close game. Sorry Bills fans it's like the smoking man from the X-Files said, you guys aren't ever going to win another Superbowl.

  16. Bills 22-19, Q1: Bills And Patriots Score 3 points , Q2: Josh Allen leads the bills to a 3 Min td drive to Stefon diggs, right after the pats get a field goal to make it 10-6. Dawson Knox fumbles than the pats recover to score a td, 10-13 at Half. Q3: Bills go down the field to get a field goal to make it 13-13. Q4: Bills with a opening 4th quarter TD and extra point no good. With 7 mins. The Patriots take a field goal to make it 19-16. Then with 3 mins, Allen throws a pick to allow a field goal to New England. Tied game, 1:34 On clock, Allen throws to sanders with a first down at BUF 37. Then Allen hits diggs for a 32 Yd pass. Down at the NE 31. They run the ball, let the clock waste after New England uses all timeouts. With 5 seconds left at the NE 15, The bills kick the game winning FG to end it, 22-19 Final.

  17. All these predictors didn’t even check the forecast for this game

  18. Um … The narrator is wrong. Same teams, Not the same place. Fail!!!

  19. Battle of the Cold North. Who you got?…..

    Bills, 36✔️
    Patriots, 27

  20. Please patriots beat bills I want bills go to home

  21. New England Patriots 23 Buffalo bills 26

  22. All week Boston media kept stating the game will not be sold out. Wrong.

  23. I just got done watching the first half, I'm shocked that the Bill's are smacking the Patriots around like a red headed step child, (I apologize to red headed step children) but it's TRUE, Bill's are making the Bill Belichick's defense look like swiss cheese..there just slapping them around, yes, I'm surprised. But happy for the Bill's to get the Patriots off their backs..actually their still a lot of time left in the 1st half, 7:20 and Bill's have a 20 to zip lead. Goose I guess it's not Bill Belichick, it was more Tom Brady. Tom's going to the playoffs again as defending champions, and Bill Belichick's Patriots are going home again. Not the genius we all thought Bill Belichick 27 to 3 heading into halftime.

  24. I think an underrated aspect of the Bills recent success is the amazing play of the o-line as of late. People think the Bills just didn’t want to run the ball… Bills fans who’ve watched every game this season week in and week out know that a big difference now is that the o-line is opening up holes…Plus Singletary has gotten a tad more patient in waiting for them to open. The Bills o-line really struggled on and off throughout this season. The coaches kept shifting players and positions around due to injuries and just trying to find the best combo of players at specific positions..and looks like they got it right at the best possible time.

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