New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills | Super Wild Card Weekend NFL Game Preview -

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills | Super Wild Card Weekend NFL Game Preview

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  1. This should be interesting 🤔! 🐃 Buffalo stomped on the throats of The Patriots and took their breath away! It's going to be very tough for New England so they better have a Solution for all of those Pesky Bills because no one enjoys being in Debt! I hope B. B. has an answer or The Patriots will be watching The Super Bowl on T.V. this year.

  2. Buffalo Bills are going to win on Saturday and the Buffalo Bills are going to destroy the New England Patriots on Saturday go go Bills Mafia

  3. Yes will be a good cold low scoreing game. Pats upset bills round one. Bill will out coach the bills.

  4. Not going to lie here but the Bills are tough opp. The Patriots need to find the way to run off the clock and play good defense and offense to order to win this game. I'll have the Patriots winning by one. 24-23

  5. Bills will win this one, but we want josh allens blood, swet and tears

  6. Pat's could easily win this game. But I have to take the Bills because I wouldn't be shocked if the Bills blew them out. I'd be completely shocked if the Pat's won in that fashion! So I'll go middle ground Bills 34-22

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  8. Brendan The Railfan, Gaming and Bills Fan says:

    As a bills fan, this will be hard to go to the super bowl. But it’s gonna be one of the coldest games ever. Let’s get the dub. And go to the afc championship. Respect for New England.

  9. The NFL wants a chance for a Pats-Bucs Super Bowl so don't be surprised to see some egregious bs calls on Buffalo on Saturday. Gotta run up the score, Bills!

  10. Pats only win if they can stay on the ground again, Pats are trash.

  11. Patriots 20-17 I got to side with Belicheck here, with the cold weather both these offenses will struggle and it will come down to experience. Bill will make them run it a ton and not risk too much with Mac Jones. At the end it will come down to the better defense and an extra field goal.

  12. Dont let the hats and shirts fool you. The real winner of the AFC East (and NFC West now that I think about it) will be determined this weekend

  13. Bills are just the better team . They should have it .

  14. Lol for 20 years of my life I learned not to count out Bill Belichick , especially not in the post-season. Pats win 28-24

  15. I want the Bills to win because I hate the Pats.

  16. Come on Bills. Nobody wants to see the patriots win this game.

  17. I just hope the weather (bitterly cold/gusts off Lake Erie) won't affect the Bills game the way it did the first time they met this year. Bellicheat may just try to run all night again

  18. As a pats fan. I’m actually glad it’s an away game at Buffalo. 🤙🏽

  19. As a wise squirrel once said. "you just gotta believe"

  20. Bills all day, not even a contest. Pats where praying for Mother Nature again. No snow, no wind means no problem for the bills. Let’s leave this game healthy


  22. If the Pats can establish a running game, eat minutes off the clock and keep the ball out Allen’s hands maybe they’ll have a chance – but the football fan in me still thinks it’s going to be party time for Bill’s Mafia. Either way, 71,000 screaming fans, minus 10° and playoff football 🍻

  23. New England Patriots are in the playoffs with a Rookie Quarterback.

    Walks away proud

  24. My prediction: Patriots win

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