NEW LEAGUE OF LEGENDS CARD GAME! Legends of Runeterra Introduction! -

NEW LEAGUE OF LEGENDS CARD GAME! Legends of Runeterra Introduction!

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Riot gave me early access to their all new card game Legends of Runeterra! So, of course I am eager to show you the basics of this new entry in the genre!
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  1. I got turned off from digital card games because of how they monetize them but this one is supposedly supposed to have a better payment model so I might actually try this one out when it goes public.

  2. This game is a little to slightly up its own ass

  3. This looks like my Hearthstone replacement! I always hated not being able to interact on the opponents turn and I never liked Magics mana system. It's a bonus that left over mana can be reused and you can take turns playing creatures helps with the going first balance. This looks like a solid contender.

  4. Cool next we will have a battle royale style game and later a gestional game like clash of clans, but im rly waiting for riot to release a pkmn style game, man that's when money will come raining.

  5. Is there a way your account can be perma banned on the Card Game?? eh never mind I'm Sure Ill find out..

  6. yes!!! would love more legends of runeterra

  7. So it's Hearthstone: The Gathering?

  8. trumps hair is disappearing faster than his twitch viewers XD

  9. Wish the art style was more like Gwent. Also I don't get how the overwhelm card at 12:22 does not do damage to the nexus when battling the other two cards. Also no idea why the other cards didn't strike. It would make sense for them to strike.

  10. Or! you can just play mtg arena! Like that riot is creating new games etc but this isnt it.

  11. lol where the hell is that cute dance at the end from?

  12. Will Hogaak be legal in this format though?

  13. wow. this really looks shitty. Trump stop sucking up to LoL to get sponsored.

  14. Game looks kinda dope. I love how fast it can go, despite offering the possibilty to answer your opponents plays.

  15. your the worst card player ive ever seen

  16. Looks similar to MTG. I'm excited to try this.

  17. Lmao i didn't think teemo and "minor nuisance" could ever have been used in the same sentence

  18. I have question, how do you get permission to play this game? I downloaded but it can not play.

  19. you know im sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy Trump teaches you how to play a game i learn everytime and i was HOPING he would cover LoR

  20. This looks more like Magic than Hearthstone, but simplified and easy to get into.

  21. I hope were able to make decks with more than 2 fractions. That would increase diversity by a lot imo. Also if we could take like 40-60 cards

  22. the visuals look cringy but probably because i dont play lol

  23. I don't know if I like the art style of the widening of the cards when in play.

  24. Nice explanation. Maybe I'll try this one. I really don't like the RNG that the mana system creates in Magic clones, but this seems to try to give you many ways to increase your chance of playing a good card.

  25. When you are excited for a riot card game, correction, excited until you realise it's a typical pay to win card game.* :')

  26. Hey, I am not very familiar with card game (other than Yugioh lol), so I would like to ask some questions. Yes, this game is interesting to me.
    1. Does it take long time to learn this game?
    2. Is this kind of pay to win game?
    3. Kindly suggest me any way to get started learning this game.

  27. LOL

    Teemo:ATK 1 DEF 1

    its like ur gonna have a bad time

  28. The game is hard right at the beginning even being an experienced HS player, even after having completed all the tutorial and even after buying the starter pack I still can't not even beat the AI. It can easly beat my ass

  29. I think hs realy is the best card game overall in the market its easy it s fun to play the graphics are way more superior compared to anything a bored great simple carda withs with great art and simple borders

  30. Riot owes you money because I downloaded this game due to your video.
    Thanks, Trump!

  31. game just launched and youre the only influencer I trust with card games.. pls more videos of ths

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