New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Super Wild Card Weekend Game Highlights -

New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Super Wild Card Weekend Game Highlights

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  1. I've seen alot of bad defenses in my 30+ years of watching football but I think this is the worst defense I've ever seen.

  2. That penalty flag by dexter is so bullshit shut up

  3. Imagine having arguably the best wr in the nfl and throwing a 2 yard pass to end your season Kirk cousins in a nutshell’s

  4. Still glad the Vikings didn't make it to the Superbowl that season. 13 W and 4 L, went 11-0 in one-possession games, and the biggest comeback didn't make that team any good. The defense was dead last in every category. They were like a 6 or 7-win team, at least. The worst 13-win team ever happened in the National Football League.

    Coming from a 49ers fan.✌

  5. I pray that DJ practiced how to slide this off season cuz he has to get better wit that

  6. If you’re a Vikings fan, you’re probably happy Kendricks is not on your team anymore lmfao. He was AWFUL

  7. That 3rd and 1 jet sweep play at 6:12 watching Kendricks, Hunter, and Smith, all of whom read the play correctly, and were in great position, all got beat was tough as a Vikings fan. All 3 guys had been so good for so long for the Vikings, and all 3 looked old and slow in that moment.

  8. As a Giants fan, this was one of the best game of the past decade. But, Burkhardt is just such a god awful announcer my god.

  9. My man suel had to stop me from jogging in da yards smfh I literally ran bout 100 times around that track smh

  10. Vikings are 🗑️ they lost to a terrible team . What’s the point of having JJ to throw a 3 yard pass to a TE with the game on the line

  11. If the giants play like this more often there a superbowl tram

  12. Still heartbroken as a Vikings fan. The offense performed so well all season and played their hearts out this game. It sucks how the defense has completely derailed a promising season. Oh well, this game was a wake up call and hopefully we can make a deeper playoff run next year.

  13. lmao that false start was terrible

  14. Vikings D was SOOOOO bad its insane

  15. Watching these highlights and realizing Giants didn’t want to pay Saquon is crazy.


    John 10:27
    My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

  17. Absolute epitome of two mediocre teams with no real shot of doing anything in the playoffs going at it. Only reason why one of these two teams advanced was because there had to be a winner. That Vikings secondary was absolutely atrocious. I legit had to pause the video, or rewind to do a head count and make sure the Vikings had 11 guys on defense. Please tell me Peterson is no longer on an NFL roster. They should’ve just played goal line defense the whole game and blitzed on every play.

  18. I still get chills watching this game. Beautiful game by Daniel Jones and saquon. Excited for the new season especially with the added weapons.

  19. The roughing calls last year were absolutely awful. It caused a lot of stupid chest bump plays to happen and I hope they fix it this week

  20. The refs tried their hardest to follow the script. Sexy Dexy is Kirk's father.

  21. Remember the Vikings had the 31st ranked defense. You have to put an asterisk on Jones’ peformance.

  22. Not a Vikings fan but no call at 2:59 for that terrible false start on the TD pass is pretty bad.

  23. Tantos partidos intensos que les tomaron la medida jajaja todo a la basura LOOOOOOL

  24. The game that fooled the Giants into shackling themselves to Daniel Jones for 40 million a year.

  25. Take me back to this game. The 2023 giants are a corpse of what they were in 2022. They don’t even put up a fight past the 1st quarter they just lay down for 60 minutes. Where’s the grittiness from 2022?

  26. Watching this again to actually make me feel happy as a giants fan
    Ahh I miss last season

  27. Anyone watching this after we are 1-3 this year and we look like dogshit 💀💀💀

  28. Giants fans you can thank Ed Donatell for this disgusting embarrassment of a mess we’re in. What a joke!

  29. I was in jail during this game for sleeping in my car drunk.

  30. This game, and the season was amazing to watch. 2023 makes me want to go back to 2022. 🙂

  31. these two teams might go 6-28 this year (2023)

  32. Giants need this team back! Idk what happend.

  33. Can’t believe we went from this to 1-5 being the worst team in the league in less than a year

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