NFL Playoff Picture + Predictions: Projecting Each AFC & NFC Wild Card Game For 2022 NFL Playoffs -

NFL Playoff Picture + Predictions: Projecting Each AFC & NFC Wild Card Game For 2022 NFL Playoffs

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NFL playoff picture + predictions for the NFC & AFC during Super Wild Card Weekend from Chat Sports’ NFL Daily host Tom Downey. This is the first week of the postseason so we decided to predict what the Wild Card round results will be and then go all the way through to Super Bowl Predictions. Who will the Titans play after Derrick Henry returns from injury? Can Ben Roethlisberger keep his potential final season alive? The 49ers had an exciting comeback vs. the Rams in Overtime during NFL week 18, can Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel keep the momentum going? Will the Buccaneers injury report result in a first round elimination? What about the AFC where Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs look to make their fourth consecutive AFC championship game.

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Updated 2021 NFC playoff picture is detailed below:
#1 Green Bay Packers (13-4)
#2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4)
#3 Dallas Cowboys (12-5)
#4 Los Angeles Rams (12-5)
#5 Arizona Cardinals (11-6)
#6 San Francisco 49ers (10-7)
#7 Philadelphia Eagles (9-8)

NFC Wild Card Score Predictions from Tom Downey:
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Philadelphia Eagles (31-20 TB)
Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers (27-20 DAL)
Los Angeles Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals (23-20 ARI)

Updated 2021 AFC playoff picture is detailed below:
#1 Tennessee Titans (12-5)
#2 Kansas City Chiefs (12-5)
#3 Buffalo Bills (10-6)
#4 Cincinnati Bengals (10-7)
#5 Las Vegas Raiders (10-7)
#6 New England Patriots (10-7)
#7: Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1)

AFC Wild Card Score Predictions from Tom Downey:
Cincinnati Bengals vs. Las Vegas Raiders (24-23 CIN)
Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots (24-17 BUF)
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (33-17 KC)

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Tom Downey asked the following questions:
– What is your AFC Wild Card prediction? Type ‘LV’ for the Raiders and Type ‘CIN’ for the Bengals
– Who Ya Got? Type ‘BUF’ for the Bills and Type ‘NE’ for the Patriots
– What is your NFC Wild Card prediction? Type ‘PHI’ for the Eagles and Type ‘TB’ for the Bucs
– Who Ya Got? Type ‘SF’ for the 49ers and Type ‘DAL’ for the Cowboys
– What is your AFC Playoff Game prediction? Type ‘PIT’ for the Steelers and Type ‘KC for the Chiefs
– What is your NFC Playoff wild card game prediction? Type ‘ARI’ for the Cardinals and Type ‘LAR’ for the Rams
– Who is the best NFC team?
– Who is the best AFC team?

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  1. Besides the Tampa takeover…..I do hope Bengals make a good run to keep things interesting. As a Luziana native we love Joe Burrows

  2. your wrong about new england pariors

  3. bangles 21 to 17
    new England patriot 27 to 17
    Buccaneers 35 to 21
    san Francisco 27 to 27 go into over time san34

  4. Tennessee Titans vs Philadelphia eagles super bowl

  5. 3:05 boy did he get that wrong not even close as well as wrong team winning

  6. It's Todd Downey little brother Tom Downey. Way to stay committed to the team Downey Brothers lol

  7. Good thing the viewers don't listen you as they would lose money.

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