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NGE One-Shot – Card Games For Charity

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Thanks to the generous donations of several fans, the winning one-shot in the last Card Games For Charity Drive has finally been made a reality.


  1. That yami doll with that hilarious voice is the cutest thing ever
    It most cost a fortune

  2. Martin sure loves these 80 and 90s songs cant blame him

  3. These animations are very pleasent and nostalgic its a treat for the eye
    They re way too good to be 90s

  4. The Japanese military voices have been running over and over in my head. XD

  5. The use of "Centerfold" at the beginning was brilliant.

  6. What is the name of that intro?! , what a banger

  7. 4:57 what did shinji say there? “I want a wippy killin?” Or something

  8. Why don't I watch this at least twice a year?

  9. With the subs generated by Google, it s also hilarious.

  10. i can never hear Centerfold and not think of this

  11. Goddamn I just lost it at the Red Dwarf opening. It works so well.

  12. I really would love an entire NGE abridged where the angels are all retarded.

  13. 9 years later and i'm still sad we didn't get a whole abridged series with the Burns/Gendo at the centre of it

  14. Can anyone tell me what 8:00 references? LK uses it in so many videos and I have no clue what the context behind it is

  15. I just watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and End of Evangelion for the first time. Not the best anime-series to binge when you're having a bad mental health day, so this'll help cheer me up I hope.

  16. It's 2021. Just seeing this now. Amazing. Smegging NERV.

  17. Sachiel's bit is so simple yet so hilarious. He's just a kind little giant monster boy doing his thing. "Hey guys I think you dropped this- oh….they didn't drop it at all." "I'm starting to get the feeling you guys don't like me." He's just so innocent I can't not love him.

  18. Making the angel slender man was a good move
    Too bad this was a one shot cause this deserves a 2nd episode

  19. Greatest…Abridged…Ever! How has this not reached 1 million yet?!

    Also, Gendo's employees are the most accurate British people I've ever seen in fiction
    Most shows & movies with British stereotypes are WAY off! XD

  20. Fun Fact, Anno was a huge Gerry Anderson fan. The use of the Thunderbirds theme fits because the Eva launch sequence was inspired by Thunderbirds 1 and 3.

  21. it's extremely difficult to parody NGE without resorting to the old generic standards. let me just say, making gendo and fuyutsuki mr. burns and smithers is a fucking genius way to avoid them


    Me: HURUMPH!

  23. this is at least 9 years old, and totally holds up.

  24. The harrumphs made me laugh so hard I had to pause to collect myself, 10/10

  25. It's been nearly ten years since this video came out and bits of it still randomly pop into my head from time to time. Especially the Fookin Japanese Military.

  26. 10 years and not so much as a chuckle lost. At 54, I'm still laughing my ass of at this.

  27. Red Dwarf X Evangelion isn’t something I realised I needed

  28. That seele dialogue is far more compelling than the canon version

  29. How the fuck is this 10yrs old….. Fk… im getting old xD and im only 29 ffs 🤦

  30. This is the culmination of all media I love ever! God I adore LK getting referential!

  31. Does anybody else think Gendo sounds like Mr. Crocker from Fairly OddParents?

    Edit: Okay, NOW I know who he's based off of. Was never a huge Simpsons fan…

  32. I don't like instrumentality

    Neither does the Getter Shinji

  33. I watched this before I watched Evangelion, and I thought the Dead Sea Scrolls, the cloning, the other weird shit, was all a joke. But no. It's all actually in there.

  34. Even all this time later, the Red Dwarf theme song catches me off guard.

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