Nik Airball Slowrolls With Quads! -

Nik Airball Slowrolls With Quads!

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Nik Airball slowrolled Pink with quads on No Gamble, No Future!
What’s your take on slowrolling? 🤔


  1. Bruh in what universe is that a slow roll. Many players out there are angling and acting like they're about to call, waiting to see if you twitch to flip your cards over immediately, a strong tell you're ahead. A slight delay is therefore inevitable in serious play.

  2. No slow roll, 🐵 ball had trouble turning over his cards. 😮

  3. And that's what makes him a piece of 💩

  4. Ah, parent's money and sponsored… Lawl.

  5. As much as I hate that dude, it’s not a slow roll

  6. Poker go again with a title thats a straight up lie

  7. How was it a slow roll? He said “I got it” on the turn, then exposed his cards immediately after calling. Hiw is that a slow roll? Did I miss something?

  8. Nice job on Pink's end for not getting angry. Never get mad at the fish

  9. Do you also hate nick airball with a passion ⬇️

  10. AI making these titles. Only a computer that makes billions of calculations per second. Considers this a slow roll

  11. I see no slow roll here at all. The clickbait is real on this channel.

  12. They say he has the worst breath in the world.

  13. Any little hesitation is considered slow rolling? lol This turning into a women’s sport?

  14. I remember when we saw quality play and quality players.

  15. I wouldnt say he slow rolled if he bets the turn and the river 😂

  16. I think that a sucky baby who couldn't take losing made up slow rolling

  17. He turned red you could tell he wanted to break his head on that table

  18. Why didn't he raise? This is suspicious in my opinion, he has quads and only calls at the end?

  19. People making too big of a deal of
    "slow rolling" when people don't turn their cards around like a lightning bolt. Stop crying, keep your panties on and don't be such sensitive little flowers.

  20. He irritated me saying “why do I always lose all these hands” because you sitting there with quads acting like you got this terrible hand

  21. No one else hears Airball say “you got it” after Pink calls? That is a slow roll

  22. This is a slow roll said the black jack player

  23. Could get a PROPER hair transplant with the winnings

  24. How is this a slow roll.. PLEASE EXPLAIN… what if homeboy had pocket Q’s

  25. how was this not a string bet on the river

  26. I wish someone would lend me 500k so I could get rich off Airball like all these pros are doing. I’m co dude t I’d win, and I don’t even play poker…

  27. Wow it’s crazy how many people don’t know what a slow roll is in these comments. This is a slow roll by definition so just stop with the ignorant acting like y’all know anything about poker and go back to playing your basement .25/.50c games

    A slow roll is when a player delays showing a winning hand at showdown or delays calling a bet/raise with a very strong hand before showdown. The goal of a slow roll in poker is to make the opponent think they are about to win when they really aren't. This is often seen as poor etiquette.

  28. Wasnt that much of a slow roll…dont be snowflakes

  29. How is that slow rolling? Poker players are such panzies

  30. Why wouldn't you raise at the end? Make no sense. If you have the nuts, there was nothing he could have lost at that point.

  31. “Pinks not lying when he says I got it.” Did the commentator miss something or am I missing something?

  32. $1800 pot … raise to 10k on the the turn ?

  33. The guy don’t even know how to play he could’ve got all the money from him

  34. There is a russian saying that fits perfectly here, "even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then".

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