Nintendo Switch OLED: How to Insert Game Card -

Nintendo Switch OLED: How to Insert Game Card

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I show you how to insert a game card (game cartridge) in a Nintendo Switch OLED. Most of you are probably watching this because you could not figure out how to open the game card door. Hope this helps.

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  1. Why would you lift it up from the back when it’s designed to be lifted from the front.. had me scratching up my switch when there’s a larger gap to put my nail into on the front

  2. Can you make a part 2 I don't know how to take it out it's been sucking it for a year 😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Some people have no ideas for inovative or funny videos… instead they make sensless videos of every bullshit. Next you will be teached how to fold a piece of paper in half…

  4. What if I just cut my fingernails? Riduculously difficult to open smh

  5. Absolutely stupid design, i can't open mine i have acrylics on

  6. Thank you very much for helping me do this at first I was confused but when I saw your video it really helped me so thank you

  7. Well they must've made it even harder to open because I can't get my nail under the back of it on my totk edition oled

  8. Thanks so much now I can play my fortnite!

  9. Thank you ! Amazed how small the games are . Normally game on PC but wanted to get back to my roots . Where it all began Nintendo

  10. Why did he open the game card slot like that

  11. So its just like placing a DVD right ? You dont have to download anytbing ?

  12. Thank you. Xennial here couldn’t figure out how to open the darn thing 😂

  13. WOW I never could have guested it was in the same place the original switch had it WOW who could have know that

  14. I can't believe I had to watch this to play a game

  15. Terrible design and very unexpected of Nintendo. How would a child learn that? Should be intuitive.

  16. Mine can't be opened or I have to small of nails

  17. U have to be brain dead to seek a video on how to insert a Switch game 🤣🤣🤣

  18. Inwas so afraid of breaking it before I saw your video.


  19. wait poeple actualy are having problems with inserting a game card


  21. i just needed to see which way im supposed to put it in

  22. Thank you for this, I just bought a switch and couldn't figure out how to get that open. What a dumb design -.-

  23. Cool. How does a game fit onto something so small? Has to be a technological marvel.

  24. As a long time Playstation guy I finally caved and bought a Switch Oled a few days ago. Seeing it for the 1st time the Switch looks alien to me, Im use to big bulky consoles so this is a bit different. I've looked at some pics and read some instructions and got it all set up. But I couldnt get the game slot open (Cant wait to play Super Mario Bros Wonder). I was worried I would break the chip slot until I came across you're helpful little video so thanks for posting this.

  25. *Me, having cut my finger nails*

  26. Now in christmas i will get nintendo switch and put the game 😊

  27. Thanks for the video
    My mum has trimmed my nails all the way back so it's hard now to even open the switch oled card slot and I now have my screen
    scratched as a result 😥 because I was moving it in the dock whilst trying to open the slot for the games .
    Mum reckons these nails are nice well I don't ! I can't even play my Nintendo switch that well now .
    For reference these nails are called Gel Nails and I don't like them so far .

  28. So glad I stopped myself and looked this up, thank you…about broke my shit 😂😂😂

  29. i cant open it , that game card , i try use screwdriver

  30. I'm thinking this was to "Keep your gamecards safer" but really it's just putting your gamecard in is a mini-boss.

  31. Thanks for that video! Such a ridiculously intricate design for a feature thats going to be used and abused by kids!

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