No Thanks - A Card Game For Everyone -

No Thanks – A Card Game For Everyone

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. I'm really enjoying having Tom's descent into utter madness so thoroughly and precisely documented.

  2. Was that a fuzzy phone at one point?

    I think I saw that game with another Tom.

  3. 4:22 "…it's petty, and it's mischievious".

    That's not a word, Tom. It's "mischievous", and it definitely doesn't rhyme with "devious".
    Be better.

  4. You're covering No Thanks? Now? LOL Been enjoying this game for years.

  5. This is one of my favorite card games. So simple to teach and everyone I've played it with loves it. Once players understand how it work it turns into a very "meta" game which is really fun.

  6. Bringing new meaning to cracking open a cold one with the boys.

  7. Tom's "reviews" are more like a visually aggressive explanation of the games. I can read the manual myself. Please tone down the editing and turn up the writing.

  8. I like this review enough to forgive the mispronunciation of "mischievous"

  9. I've been seeing lots of top ten lists lately and none have this game on it, and as such are wrong. This is as close to a perfect game as exists.

  10. Holy shit, this is my favorite review I've seen on this channel. Well done.

  11. Tom is great. I watched this video even though I already know I do not like no thanks, and I am happy to have done it 😁

  12. I was about to comment that this game is just a riff on one of the games played in the Korean gameshow, The Genius, but I looked it up, and turns out they were riffing on this card game.

  13. Tom's reviews are amazing and I love him.

  14. To think there was a time when Tom twas not a part of the team.

  15. Oh Tom, I see a new arm in your life! You 2 make a hand-sum couple.

  16. What a nice review! The only thing that could have made it better was ending with a song by Emmanuel!

  17. “If you’re looking for something small, peppy, light, fun, and dumb-“
    But Tom, I already have you!

  18. You are hitting these videos out of the park! Keep doing it your way, Tom, they are a fabulous dose of unexpected comedy and quirky wit 😀

  19. Stunning video! Like the look of the game but kinda wish there was more of a theme or some art like lost cities. Kind hard to get that excited over just numbers. But maybe i am just unimaginative grump

  20. Great video. Fab game, I use my cards from 'The Mind'.

  21. Who knew the Nintendo Switch could take phone calls!

  22. 0:22 I am sincerely ashamed that you used the term “dice” for a single die.

    Shame on you. Shame!

  23. 1:39 I applaud your choice of the most superior font, Wingdings!

  24. I feel like this video has reached some sort of Tom Nonsense SIngularity and I love it!

  25. Did you remember when Tom was learning to make good videos? I mean they were always good but he's becoming fucking great.

  26. Please use your american accent more, its hilarious!

  27. This is like if Brian David Gilbert did board game reviews

  28. I love everything you make, this is just brilliant!

  29. Nice video! I liked the zoom out edits where the previous scene was shown on a picture frame. ;u;

  30. This game is amazing haha i love it and i love this review

  31. We just got No Thanks for Christmas this past year and have enjoyed it but, thanks to your review, I just realized that we had been playing it incorrectly for months now. We have not been taking 9 cards out every round! I don't know how I missed that when reading the very short rule set but that is going change up the strategy considerably.

  32. I love this Game. I play it as much as I can… Thing is if you get someone who wants the world to burn they will break the game by just taking all the cards.

  33. So I just learned how to play by watching your review. So I played today some of my students and I was wondering if a player can win if they have no cards in front of them? Seems like cheating! That is what I did today and had 3 tokens left. So I had how many points?

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