Oakland Athletics vs New York Yankees Highlights || AL Wild Card Game || October 3, 2018 - c4gamingstudio.com

Oakland Athletics vs New York Yankees Highlights || AL Wild Card Game || October 3, 2018

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— Oakland Athletics vs New York Yankees Highlights || AL Wild Card Game on October 3, 2018 —

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Bob Melvin of the Athletics decided to use the opener strategy, and start reliever Liam Hendriks, whereas Aaron Boone sent Luis Severino to the hill, both decisions puzzling some.


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  1. I knew the game was over in the 1st Inning.

  2. We can also thank the multi million dollar man Giancarlo Stanton for the meaningless home run after being up 6 runs lol.

  3. this Yankees lineup is deadly. Add Lemahui and that's a championship team, hopefully, they can win after this virus.

  4. Yankees brought their closer when they had a 5 run lead? Cowards

  5. Andujars glove be like 👑
    Andujars arm be like 🍜

  6. Crazy how many Yankees “fans” are in these comments lmao. A’s will be back.

  7. I knew before the game the was gonna yell " we want boston"
    As great oakland A's are, and what the amazing season they had, they was just in the way

  8. All that noise just to get knocked out 16 to 1 in their own field

  9. One good thing about the Yankees, they don't let the players grow those ugly scraggly beards. They look very professional and presentable.

  10. Let’s go A’s! Being a girl sucks, you can’t play baseball. 🙁

  11. Jeez Yankees bullpen was deep in 2018. Betances Robertson Britton and Chapman

  12. It's hilarious how blatantly anti-yankee Eckersley is. Why is he even commentating

  13. FUCK OAKLAND…SOOOOOOO glad we beat these assholes..I hate this team..unfortunately, we lost to our most hated team in the ALDS..But beating the cock sucking A's is still sweet

  14. Still come back to this game to remind myself of the crowd noise, man the house was rocking that night. Almost sounded like the old place.

  15. Tru story…my whole life changed for the better on this day…thank you for bringing me back

  16. 5th inning all of Kelley’s pitches low and away, the Yankees swinging hard at every single one 🤔🤔🤔

  17. Cheating red sox had to ruin this fantastic year and wild card win.

  18. Man i wish yanks had gone all the way in 2018. The stadium was rowdy and loud, we thought we were going to get it that year

  19. The commentating this game was god awful. So anti-Yankee. Im not sure if I ever heard national broadcasters openly root against one team.

  20. 100 wins in 2019 for the yanks just wow I thought they would win the world series

  21. I found out everything I needed to know about Luis Severino when he showed up to game 3 against Boston 15 minutes before the game.

  22. The umpire sucks
    Bitchy yankee fans
    No champion after 2009
    Bye bye bitchy ny fans

  23. Exactly why we need both judge and stanton to be healthy kill club

  24. Athletics Yankees playoff history

  25. i want to hear from cashman about his great trade deal they give away a young good outfield for a waste of a pitcher that gives up HR every time out

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