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OBJECTIVE Digital Card Games Tier List

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  1. I was surprised by your judgment on Gwent as I imagined you might be a lot critical to it but I am actually glad to hear that opinion and I guess if you placed it any lower than that then why are you still playing it and making content for it, cheers!

  2. A huge thing About GWENT is that players like me that never spend Lots and Lots of money on the game, ive been playing this game for 3 months and without lying its ver very easry to grind cards I have like 10 top tier decks without having to play 5 years de game or being 24/7 playing its really cool

  3. I played a bit of hearthstone 2-3 years ago but thats all the experience i have with card games. Installed gwent when it came out on steam because i was curious and like the witcher games. Got completely hooked on it, have barely touched any other game since then. i think its an amazingly well made game, and its not pay to win, that helps a lot;)

  4. 70% of my interest to play Gwent are the gorgeous premiums. Sorry opponent,u may think I'm roping but sometimes i just stare at them even the ones in my deck and graveyard

  5. Omg seeing Artifact that high made me vomit… that game had potential but Im glad I refund it after 1st match I played.

  6. I like how in Gwent you design the cost of your deck BEFORE you get into a match, not during one. At least I love it for now, who know what'll happen later. It's nice that juggling costs doesn't sap away any mental energy while playing.

  7. TESL is just a solid game ! Sad that they stopped the content updates! I think its more of a B tier. The biggest flaws it has IMO is that it didnt sell itself good enough and they Hadnt a good enough hook and player retention sistem! But otherwise it has good design , great art , great theme and cool interactions

  8. This is a very nice list. Shadowverse is an excellent game as well. Much like Teppen, it's probably alot more popular in Japan as it has had promotional crossovers with many well known Japanese games and anime, but it has still had a notable worldwide competitive scene and very fair card economy

  9. you should try pvz heroes a mobile tcg (made by ea) its basically heartstone pvz but it has some different mechanics

  10. I don’t know why I can’t comment with my normal account. But you have to try MINION MASTERS if you like teppen. You will not regret it. The meta is fantastic in that game, I see all cards in it at all times. At first glance it might not even look like a card game. But it is definitely a deck builder and I’ve never once even netdecked. Fantastic. No need to pay a dime either if you don’t wish to

  11. No time codes? Go to the hell

  12. Recently got back into MTG after having been away from it for a long time. Honestly, I love Magic, like to death. You give HS in C tier because of its legacy but none of these games would exist if not for MTG. If you are ranking based on Legacy, MTG is like S+ tier. And in regards to how little it has changed mechanically and how well it holds up, I think it's truly a marvel. All of that praise being put aside (and there is certainly more, don't get me wrong), there is a reason I am watching this video. I absolutely agree with your critiques of it. Having been playing Arena for the past 6 months or so, I've had a lot of fun, but I've also had some of the most anger inducing moments of my life. Frankly, the fact that you can have extremely fun duels only to end up drawing 7 lands in a row is kind of a big turn off. That's not to mention all of the many many more duels that are lost/won because one of the two people are missing lands at essential times. Land as a concept doesn't have to be ditched, but I definitely think they should fundamentally alter the way land is played in a way to make it more even. For awhile I kept track of my matches and came up with about 15-20% of the duels being ruined due to one person being land screwed or land flooded. That alone is enough to sink the game on a mechanical level. Throw in the game's terrible balance and it's just hard to really love the game as much as I want to.

  13. I feel like I'd be really into Teppen if it was on PC. I played it for a bit on mobile and really liked it, but mobile games just can't keep my attention for very long

  14. spend the 10 bucks on some sort of shockmount.

  15. 90% channel content is Gwent. Objective opinion?, nope

  16. Legends of Runeterra does bring something new to the table tho. The turn system divided in phases which i find it amazing. The gameplay is much much more interactive. For me it's an S tier.

  17. What the fuck
    Artifact – A
    Magic – E
    No more words

  18. mythgard is great but the marketing just isn't there i suppose. I prefer the gamemodes there along with the mana system more than what hearthstone or magic offer

  19. Imagine putting artifact in A tier lmfao


  20. Slay the spire? Faeria? Missing other games

  21. Oh, and it’s easy to say gwent is the best when you basically get paid to stream it. Pathetic

  22. LoR is S tier for me 9 months of just playing the game and I almost have all of the cards (which there are over 3000 off) and I only spent 10 euros just because I liked the battlepass and wanted to support rito a bit.

  23. I love card games but Jesus Christ why are there no good ones? Hearthstone used to be amazing but the powercreep and featurecreep got so out of control its unplayable now. Gwent doesnt have enough actual player interaction to be fun, it just feels like you and your opponent are just playing separate games until one of you wins. Runeterra had such a small amount of cards when I played it and the balance was terrible. I played this World War 2 card game called Kards that's kinda fun but deck building is too hard because you straight up have too many options and all the factions feel too samey you feel like you're playing the same match over and over. WHERE ARE THE GOOD CARD GAMES?

  24. Certainly, Legends of Runeterra is S tier. I started to playing it when it was released. I love all animations, card designs, mechanics etc.

  25. Did you re-upload this? I could have worse I watched this video years ago

  26. Teppen bad 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  27. when you put artifact dead game at an A :))) you opinion is over

  28. I think your list is the exact opposite to popularity.

    My favorite TCG used to be Legends of Norrath which was created within Everquest 2. I absolutely adored the artwork but it didn't make it.
    A tried a few other ones over the years such as Hearthstone but the typical "mediocracy for mass-appeal" approach Blizzard use in their designs just put me off.
    Eternal kept my attention for a little but it felt too small in too many ways.
    I landed on Legends of Runeterra and although I can imagine better, I can't find better.

  29. It's fascinating how well-received Gwent was/is for a game created as a side activity within another game.
    I mean how much effort could they have put into it?

  30. Artifact so good it realistically never left beta. Mtg should be tier lower honestly

  31. Update: LoR is dead now and MARVEL SNAP IS THE SUPERIOR.

  32. Interesting. Actually right now im playing Magic of the gathering. Was the first game card game i downloaded again. Im not that deep into it, played maybe 5 games or so, but danm im really loving the style! The aesthetic of medieval, dark and realism. Is something very interesting and beautyfull to look at. Also the game with lands is also interesting. Each their own. Can be subjective and objectiv. I think its a fun game. I actually played Heartstone and Runetera, prefer Runetera i think, but i think magic of gathering same level of hearthstone, Magic of gathering just having this rich and uniqe world. I will defintely check games listed. Teppen seems interesting. Bit weird Yugi oh not on there, because one of the most popular ones. Probably higher tier. Fun and uniqe game.

  33. Magic but not master duel, pokemon tcg , cardfight vanguard tales of tribute etc? Lmao. Shoulda made the vid in 2022 when all the good tcgs came out

  34. it should be additional tier above S called "gwent pre-homecoming"
    edt. man, i glad some1 recognize the beauty of artifakt, if not the awful monetization – the game was pearl

  35. The Elder Scrolls soundtracks will never get old. Great video, thanks!

  36. Teppen absolutely feels like a fighting game, which, as a fighting game player by trade, is 80 percent of the reason why I love it so much. The dynamic nature of the matches are almost unparalleled to me. LoR is my second favorite because of how much the game goes out of its way to supply you with resources, cards, and teaching tools to help you become a better player. And the combat feels very organic and snappy as well.

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