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Obscure Cartoon Trading Card Games

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So many cartoons had trading card games back in the day! The Simpsons, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Code Name Kids Next Door are just a few of them


  1. I remember that the Kid's Next Door video game on the Gamecub came with a special edition card for the game featuring the final boss. It was holographic and you could only get it with the game. I had no idea there even was a Kid's Next Door card game and just put it in a binder with my Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

  2. I don’t remember how I got it but I actually remember playing the kdn card game with my cousins. I still have a galactic moon base card which I think is really cool

  3. Cards with pointed corners just scream lazy.

  4. I won those Simpson cards in a claw machine and had no clue how it worked because I was a dumb kid. They were still a neat thing to collect though

  5. Bruh there was a really obscure one we used to play as a kid. I think it was called Poke man? Anyone else play that?

  6. Does anyone else hope this becomes a full video (doesn’t have to be we all know what happened so it’s understood if he paces himself for a while)

  7. I had FMA trading cards before I ever knew what FMA was

  8. I remember that there was a Xiaolin Showdown one too and it featured a few Shen-Gong-Wu that never actually appeared in the show. I never played it but kind of always wanted to

  9. spongebob is just cardcapture sakura card game with a new reskin.

  10. this reminded me that i used to have a few of the spongebob cards as a kid. Somehow never knew they were actually part of a game lol

  11. I remember hearing about hi hi puffy amiyumi themed uno

  12. Nah I remember those spongebob cards. I miss the green label era of spongebob merchandise

  13. SpongeBob Deep Sea Duel!! I had the starter set and searched everywhere for booster packs. I always tried getting friends to play the game with me and we could never figure it out, so we just looked at the art on the cards. I loved the ones with the hyper-realistic paintings from the show lol

  14. The Simpsons Card game wasn’t bad tbh. I feel like they designed it to be in the same vein as Uno but decided to milk a cash cow instead. The game concepts behind it were actually not bad just making lacking some depth.

  15. I remember buying a couple of packs of the Speed Racer Next Generation card game from Target. Most of them are gone but I do still have a foil Mach 5.

  16. When I was a kid, I found this Winx Club card game that came in this cool tin box. It was such a delightful find for me (who was Winx obsessed) but I never actually figured out how to play it properly. If I remember correctly it has scratch and sniff elements to it and smells like earl grey tea. It's been languishing in my closet for years, but I don't have the heart to get rid of it.

  17. The Simpson’s and SpongeBob sound like interesting takes on a ccg instead of your standard battler

  18. Yeah I remember these back in the day a 99¢ story I would frequent as a kid would sell them. Guess that was when they were officially dead. Heck still remember the Harry Potter cards.

  19. These shorts haven't been around for long but they're already my favourites, please keep making them.

  20. Ok but one of your longer videos going over dead obscure TCGs could be amazing

  21. Might be worth checking out the QuickStrike card game system, which was used for Avatar the Last Airbender, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Shaman King. The sliding center character card was pretty neat.

  22. You wanna talk about obscure cards from a lost card game, I've got 1 for ya. I STILL have cards from GBC game Magi Nation.

    Anyone else remember this game, card game, or even show?

  23. I feel like some of the Simpson episodes where being made by these cards lol

  24. I recently bought a bunch of German and us Simpsons cards. The cards names are similar but the games are totally different.

  25. the main difference between between a trading card and a loot box is the entire existence of a secondary market and the fact you actually own what you get and can do what you want with them

  26. I had some of those SpongeBob cards, but I never understood the rules of the game

  27. This reminds me of these sticker books with card packs that they sold at Dollar Tree when I was younger

  28. Me and my sister were really into the neopets tcg.

  29. I don't play other card games except for duel links on mobile. But I love watching content about them and this is the best channel for this content keep it up!

  30. This reminded me of might beanz Can you talk about mighty beanz some day lol

  31. I still have aton of simpsons and naruto ones lol

  32. Why can't we just have regular collectables? Like every card has to be a game.

  33. Maybe next you could do Unnatural history from 2010 from Cartoon Network and it's only one season and Maybe you could also do Aaron Stone from Jetix from 2009 too, thank you.

  34. I personally think the most badass/obscure tcg cards to come from a cartoon was the Avatar the Last Airbender Quickstrike cards!!! They were like super thick and had a slider thing inside of them that slid out another card and it was like a charge up attack. Ugh I just wish I had a kid to play with growing up with them🥲 I really hope you remember these Billiam!!! Or hope you mention them in a future video!!!!

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