Official DIGIMON CARD GAME Trailer -Grow and change-

Official DIGIMON CARD GAME Trailer -Grow and change-

Official Bandai Card Games Channel
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What are your best memories with your Digimon?
The bond your Digimon and you have forged together, will be the key to a new world that will connect you both…
“Grow and change into Digital Champions.”
Welcome to the fantastic world of the DIGIMON CARD GAME!

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  1. You ruined Battle Spirits in America you messed up DBS and then you decide to rip off Americans with your Digimon expanse into America instead of charging us 5buck like you did in Japan even when Bushiroad kept their starter decks the same price. BANDAI is trash and I’ll never give you my money for another TCG. Your company doesn’t give a damn about anyone outside of Japan. Go to hell!

  2. I swear the whole time I thought it was a parody

  3. I want to buy these cards again, omg…Especially if there's a Beelzemon and Apocalymon card. Those two are my faves.

  4. Noooo did they remake them lol I remember these!!

  5. Well…. hopefully my extensive Digimon binder will be worth something

  6. Great video, if we can turn this into blockchain you will be the competition eg; pokemon

  7. Bandai trying to say that you can grow to be whatever you want to be.
    Including becoming a blonde causasian dude. haha.

  8. i never played digimon cards before been watching for a long time

  9. My best memories with digimon was openings themes ioi ioi ioi

  10. Such a wonderfully produced video! Showing the old Digimon card game and them being kids playing it, then going into them being adults and playing the new one creates a beautiful picture and brings back so much nostalgia for those who remember the old card game. BIG THUMBS UP! 👍👍👍


  12. Anyone remember Digimon digital card battle on the PS1?

  13. im waiting to buy this card in English version

  14. I hope this trading card game will succeed. Healthy competition for the you-know-which-monster-catching-franchise is always good, even though I love both to death!
    And I'm sure I make my contribution and ordered multiple decks and displays. Love the art and the card game itself!

  15. Lol Digimon still imitating pokemon to this day xD even with the trailers

  16. What in the absolute garbage is this lmfaoooo no wonder digimon failed.

  17. Idc how old I get imma always b in touch with digimon. that series has a soft spot in my heart forever

  18. Absolute fail. First, was the main white guy having flashbacks to his past life when he used to be Asian? Also at the end… "Grow and change…" ???? Did they forget the English term for the show was Digivolve? Also that Agumon was creepy…

  19. Paren la moto , sus recuerdos de cuando era niño era un japonés y de grande es un blanquito jaja

  20. I want more violence in my Digimon! I want to see War Greymon cleave his enemies!

  21. Those were the only 3 kids back in the day that knew how to play the game in America

  22. Is no one going to mention how the kid changed from asian to white lmao

  23. There is no goddamn way those original cards are real; mint condition, no sleeves, sitting in a box for 20+ years? Bullshit.
    Also, you clearly have the animation budget so WHERE'S THE NOT CRAPPY DIGIMON MOVIE WE DESERVE?!

  24. I think you have to have grandparents and friends to understand this video.

  25. I hate saying this , but why did this make me wanna see Pokémon instead of digimon?



  28. i dont get it. are they trying to make a comeback with new cards or something? or did they just come out with a trailer for a dead game??

  29. I think bandai could afford to pay for more professional videographers

  30. Before promote the card game digimon should've back with a good series of digimon anime, with equally good story to original digimon. And digimon should've played their trump card to win against pokemon which is serving a world that isn't as bright/cheery as pokemon thus giving different vibes of monster world dimension and also its journey. Pokemon always aims for kid thus having lots limitation in story building and if digimon aim for more adult target(even tho child will end up play as well) they can have totally different vibe than pokemon. C'mon digimon, you guys are so slow in playing your assets rite

  31. tell me how and where to find this game and install it with Eng language

  32. I remember asking my parents for a Gameboy for Christmas (I think '97), but they didn't really understand what I was describing. Got a digivice instead. Disappointed, yet it turned out to be the
    Better part of my childhood. The following year I got that Gameboy along with pokemon blue. Loved both, but Digimon has a stronger connection to my childhood, despite being a pokefanatic lol

  33. I let my kitten watch this. It now become a Angel with wings.

  34. To be honest I’m down for new cards but that trailer was so boring

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