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Announcing the One Piece Card Game from Bandai!
Get ready for the Japan Release in July 2022, and a worldwide English release later in 2022!

Discover ONE PIECE!

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  1. i hope we get a digital version. Also i would like to know if the cards will be in spanish too because with Dragon Ball Super Card game it was in Italian, French and English but no spanish

  2. Endlich ey ich freue mich mega darüber <3

  3. I extremely hype get wallet ready boyzs about to be summon out kaidooooooo

  4. As much as I like Digimon and One Piece, its another card game by Bandai. Heeeeeeeere we go again.

  5. Just a cash grab can’t expect this to live life long, can’t even make the effort to draw new art just like any other anime/manga card games

  6. As long as the turn didn't take hours to complete…

  7. Nice… but it already exist and it was producted and abandoned from bandai itself lot of years ago.

  8. Well, hope its good because it has tough competition

  9. how are they going to do this when the Digimon TCG doesn’t even have an online auto sim client yet? doesn’t impress me

  10. It’s funny I was talking about a ONE PIECE card game about a month ago and now I’m seeing it’s gonna happen

  11. Hey, hey, hey! I have a better idea!
    What if you better end the anime instead more bullshit from one piece?

  12. U guys y this hirts i cant do digimon and one piece 😔

  13. I would down to play this card game because I love One Piece. If they make a good Doflamingo deck, that will be my main deck hands down.

  14. Soooo like when tho later in 2022 tho?? Cause I’ll buy the Japanese cards and play it and say fuck it I’ll look up translations

  15. Me: This looks amazing!
    My wallet (having just started getting use to Digimon): Oh no, bro!

  16. Why doesn't the Dragon Ball card game have a Japanese version?

  17. Please make it international distribution, if possible in spanish. If not english is ok

  18. Bruh I just want a red hot foot sanji card and a zoro card as well and then I’m good. Definitely gonna get into this game

  19. I wonder if its gonna be a reboot/revamp of the previous one piece card game. Or something completely new.

  20. First yu-ig-oh then Digimon and now this.Time to spend all my money

  21. Fuck yes Hype and bandai has been doing really well with dragonball super cardgame and the digimon card game hopefully they will do one piece justice

  22. Hopefully if this takes off successfully, it can eventually spawn an online arena similar to Master Duel.

  23. Found my old one piece cards today 😀 after 15 years a new card game nice!

  24. Now just bring back Naruto card game and all the big 3 animes will have active card games lol

  25. Original Art from Oda is awesome, I hope this isn't another chrono clash game.

  26. Please make an online game to go with it Bandai ❤
    Not all of us have people to play with, and look how well that worked for the New Yu-gi-oh game over on steam.

  27. Please don't let it go crazy and confusing like DBS 🙏

  28. Every popular shonen anime gets a card game at some point

  29. Chrono Clash with Naruto/Boruto, Evangelion, Godzilla and Boku no Hero failed hard, Dragon ball super doesn't have an online client and Digimon is struggling to find its place and stay alive and you RELEASE ANOTHER FREAKING GAME?

  30. This should have been added to the Dragon Ball Super TCG, and expand that game system, since it already has the best rules. Similar to the success of Weiss Scharz. I like One Piece, but already invested in DBS TCG, so sticking with that as my only anime TCG. If it fails, I go back to MtG

  31. I'll probably gonna collect these, since theyre going to use the million of characters that featured in the series unu

  32. here waiting bandai cardass making Ultraman card games, Kamen RIder card games, Demon Slayer Card Game, My Hero Academia Card Game and many more lol

  33. “Coming june 2022 in japan!”
    Sigh…now i gotta pay shipping…

  34. Aren’t there already one piece trading cards?

  35. Welp now I need to figure where to buy this in Japan

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