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Announcing the One Piece Card Game from Bandai!
Get ready for the Japan Release in July 2022, and a worldwide English release later in 2022!

Discover ONE PIECE!

Official Website and Social Media Below!


  1. I'm getting 4 of the starter decks and some Romance Dawn packs let's fucking go.

  2. On a real though they would make so much money if they made it an online game, like i'm so surprised they didnt make the Dragon Ball Super an OCG

  3. On the internet there are already one piece cards for sale, these are original or fake

  4. Wowww Is the best card gameee….. Of shit.

  5. So is this an actually video game or physical card release like yugioh or Pokémon?

  6. So that's why the anime has stopped for 4 weeks

  7. Wow as if I needed another card game to spend all my money on lol

  8. This looks cool, but I wish they would've just added it as a set for Dragon Ball Super. Maybe do like Universus and change the card backs and either let you mix it with DBS or make the set strong enough to be used on its own.

  9. Bandai. I’ve officially quit all card games. I’ll wait for this game to be released here in the US.

  10. Wonder If it's gonna be like the old one piece tcg

  11. I need to see how the cards look and play, I hope it´s better than DBZ

  12. スーパーカミキカンデ【ONE PIECEが大好きな神木】 says:


  13. So Japan get it on July 2022, but when will be able to see how it plays?

  14. I hope it is fun for free to play users. Server 1 about to be crazy

  15. I LOVE ONE PIECE, but this game is doomed. Bandai instead of wasting money on this, support your best TCG Digimon. You don't have enough players that will invest in so many games.

  16. There's a One Piece TCG news group on FB

  17. Most valuable card will be the one with the biggest tiddies.

  18. Haven't had goosebumps in a long time. I'm super hyped

  19. Welp… there goes my retirement savings…

  20. Cant wait to see some cards with autographs on it that would be lit

  21. My wallet is crying at the thought of playing all 3 Bandai games including this one but im looking forward to it!

  22. This is bad businesswise, but it will take a few years for people to notice why

  23. I'm literally flipping the fudge out guys !?!?!?!?!?!?!? SUPPPPEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  24. Bandai I’m gonna spread the word about this game for sure!!!!! Hopefully game play like dragon ball super, I’d love to be a sponsor, be a tester or anything to be involved please hit me up.

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