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Oh Hell – Card Games That Don’t Suck

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. I’ve played a very similar game but without the changing number of cards dealt! Might have to try this !

  2. My friend Kevin used to call this "Oh, Fuck Kevin."

  3. Oh Hell was the game we played in college when we had too many people for Spades. We always played with 5 and 6, and it was *always* a wild hoot. Thanks for the reminder, I would love to play this again.

  4. You missed "Ten Up and Ten Down" and "Screw Your Neighbor".

  5. I've been watching this series to find games I can play with my family who only play standard 52 card card games. This video did not help. They already play it.

  6. I think I missed something or you never explained why you can't always say you'll just win one trick. It sounds like your friend would have still got 17 points even if he claimed a lower number.

  7. I work on a fishing boat, and there is a LOT of of Hell played on the boat during off days

  8. We play this game with 6 to 10 peoples. Just add more decks to cover the total deal. Then the second (or third if your using three decks) of the duplicate card beats the other card. We call the game Bug your neighbour because of this duplicate card rule.

  9. Very similiar to "Differenzler", a variation of "Jass", which is basically THE Swiss national card game. There's even a weekly TV show during summer that tours through different cities to determine the ultimate Jass city live on national TV.

  10. We always played that if you went over your bid, you had to subtract 10.

  11. I learned this from my grandma. She actually had one of the 1970s vintage games that has bid cards and plastic holders. I bought a similar one off of Ebay years ago. If you like them game it can be a good investment.

  12. So confused with the rules. You said you didn't have a spade so you played something else, then in the following trick you said you didn't have a club and played a spade… Think I'll go find another video to teach me.

  13. Is there no penalties say for getting more tricks than you guessed?

  14. This is my family's go-to card game. Every time someone comes to visit, this game gets played. Every time someone new is added to the family, this game is taught. I'm very fond of it.

  15. So in India we played this with multiple decks and as many people as it would allow. 7 down to 1 and up again. In the last round of 7 card instead of the trump suit being revealed, the first person to not have a card of the leading suit can declare the suit of his choice.

    It was called Judgement based on your skill at judging the likelihood of making tricks

  16. I learned Oh Hell from the book of games sold via insert card in Bicycle decks of cards

    supposed name is because what you usually say … (when going over)

  17. A variation of “Oh Hell!” that I really enjoy is to only deal out a single card for the hand in each round, then two cards, three, four, five, six, and so on up to some limit (say ten cards). Hitting your bid exactly with ten cards is quite hard, though much easier with just a few cards. And then in each round, with the growing number of cards in the hand, it gets successfully harder and harder. A mess of fun.

    If you hit, you get ten points plus your bid added to your score. If you miss, then you get your bid subtracted from your score. That’s the way I’ve learned to play it and may be an obscure variation.

  18. My wife and i and 2 best friends

    have been playing this game (we call Mongrel) now for our 11th year in a row (2010-2020) as an annual championship.

    We all have known the game though for over 30 years and discovered our joint love of the game 13 years ago.

    We include a single joker as the highest of trumps then ace down or highest card in a suit wins, when it is the face up trump card.

    We play 1-13 cards and then back down again with the loser of the previous game as the dealer as well as the scorer (suffer).

    We score exact call (must not be an even tally) plus 10 points and 0 if you fail your call, this promotes screwage when you know you can't win and do your best to

    mess with the other players (we love screwage). We try to play every 2-3 weeks or so and get in 5 games each time (6.5 hours).

    Scoring is 1st 5,2nd 2,3rd 1 and last 0 points for each game and at the end of the year we tally up and have our annual winner.

    There is nothing like this game for sheer drama and tension when you bid, play your cards well and just when you think you have won your call your pissy little 3 that you thought was a sure loser wins the last hand and all sorts of ranting and raving goes on.

    Its exhausting and we ridicule each other all night long.

    If you can get 4 regular players together start up a championship like we have, it will test your friendship like no other game.

    Why? Because it's a mongrel of a game.


  19. this sounds like tarneeb light edition (I dont know how its properly spelled but muricans call it bridges)

  20. Played this today because we couldn't get the 500 group together. AMAZING GAME!

  21. My family plays this game from 10 down to 1 with trump, then 1 card without trump and then 1 and back up to 10 with trump. We called this game "Scotch Bridge".

  22. Did this game come from Spanish game called La Pocha? I am trying to find the rules for the spanish version – I have a spanish deck and apparantely you play this game with only 40 cards, while here I think you play with all the cards+ standard deck?

    I used to play La Podrida as a kid but can't remember the rules and can't really find any good guides anywhere. Any advices let me know 🙂

  23. Alguien que hable español que me confirme si este juego es el que se conoce como "La Podrida" aqui en Argentina y Uruguay ,y si es asi hay algun tutorial donde se expliquen las reglas en español? lo jugaba antes pero me olvidé y me encantaba…..gracias!

  24. I learned Oh Hell in Canada with my dad's family and oh hell it was so much fun. I'm so happy that you made this refresher video for me to brush up and teach my American friends.

    Would you like to cover a dice game called 10,000? It's another equally "this shouldn't work but it's so fun"

    It involves 5, 6-sided dice.

    Single 5 die are 50 points,

    1 die are 100 points,

    Three of a kind is 100x the face value
    Triple 2 = 200
    Triple 3 =300
    triple 5 = 500
    Triple 4 = 400
    Triple 6 = 600
    Triple 1 = 1,000 points

    4 of a kind is 200x

    5 of a kind is 500x the face value

    Rolling 1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6 is 500 points

    After you get 1000 points in a single series of points you can keep your hand and get on the score board

    Once on the score board you can keep any value of points that you generate, but don't squander with a dud throw

    End Goal is to get exactly 10,000 points. You can not keep any points that would put your score over the 10,000

    The game is just as exciting with 2 players or 8 or more or whatever.

  25. when we play oh hell you can't lead trumps until someone has broken the suit,(trumped one other suit)

  26. This is called Plump in Sweden, but I've never played with trump card (trump colour freakin sucks in card games) and also the person who said the highest number of tricks is the one who starts playing. Also, if you guess zero tricks taken and win, you'll only get five points (instead of ten), since it's a lot easier to complete.

  27. Love it! Our family plays the 5 card rounds blind were you don't reveal the trump card until after you announce the tricks you'll take.

  28. One additional rule I often play with is that the 2's switch the trump suit for that trick to the suit of the played 2. Any additional 2 would change the trump suit again, unless the 2 is played with the suit of the normal trump in which case the normal trump suit is fixed. This makes games a little more unpredictable.

  29. Rage is based in this. My family has been playing Rage for years and it’s a blast.

  30. I've been playing Oh Hell (my grandfather refused to say "the H word" so he called it "Fingers" instead because we used fingers to bid 🤣) for over 20 years and I've never gotten tired of it. Such a fun game lol

  31. When I was a kid, this was THE game that the whole family would play till late at night on holidays. We had a super weird German name for it, and no one knew where the game originated from.

    Over the years, I kept on teaching it to friends; none of them had heard of it before. I liked it so much that I even developed a mobile app for it. And only after I had released the app on Google Play, I found out that the game is called Oh Hell, and 'my' game, which I named 'Trick Call', is just a variant of it. ^^

  32. I'm kind of surprised Quinn picked a trick taking game as a card game that doesn't suck, since pretty much every trick taking game is exactly the same

  33. There is a game called wizzard, working in a similar way. xD

  34. As others have mentioned, Oh Hell is very much like Rage (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/568/rage) which has been around since 1983. Rage adds special cards that can cause the trump to be cancelled or changed as well as bonus positive or bonus negative point cards plus a wild card that can be anything. I've been playing it since the last 1980s and it's one of my favourite games.

  35. In my family we score it a bit differently, for each trick a player wins, they get 10 points, for each trick a player loses, they lose 5 points, & if a player bids 0 tricks & gets 0 tricks, they get 5 points. other than that (and the fact that we start at 7 instead of 10), it’s exactly how we play it at home. You make enemies very easily.

  36. Can you make the game shorter by starting with let's say 8 instead of 10 cards? Or would it change the dynamics too much?

  37. A slight variation on the trick bidding part I quite like – instead of going round and bidding in sequence, everyone puts fingers into the middle of the table simultaneously to declare their bid. This can lead to hands where everyone can potentially win, but more often than not leads to cries of dismay as you confidently put 1 finger out only to see everyone else has put zero and leaving you rethink your life choices.

  38. I like how he said don't cheat and played a 9 of hearts because he didn't have a spade. Then played a two of spades

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