Olympic Ping Pong, and what it means for Trading card Games. - Flesh and Blood TCG FABTCG - c4gamingstudio.com

Olympic Ping Pong, and what it means for Trading card Games. – Flesh and Blood TCG FABTCG

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This is the Smallest UNSANCTIONED / UNMONOTIZED / UNCONTAINED Trading Card Game Channel in the world filled with McDonalds Double Stacks, Pack Cracking Addicts, and interuptions from my wife and dogs.

Flesh and Blood is a new card game from Legend Story Studios. Its fantastic and will be a huge thing. Check it out!

Magic the Gathering will always have a place in my heart. I started playing in college and have been addicted ever since.

Pokemon started the craze and addiction – moving me away from baseball cards and into the world of constant organization.

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  1. Spot on, great video….. so true. Well make some more casual videos about Flesh and blood gameplay. Loved your videos….. make some more about combo's and wich cards are good together.About lets say what to focus when you play different Heros. Like, if you play chane, should make less but bigger attacks and so on.What characterizes they way every Heros is played.What to focus on when playing the different Heros.And how to make great casual decks that is not too expensive and so on….. how easy to make a great cheap casual deck and how to play…… like Tolarian Community College does with mtg😊👍

  2. slap pong!!! Bringing me back to the high school / college days indeed!!! I’m getting a game of pong in Friday for the first time in 5+ years with college buddy and then I’m going to a road to nat 🙂 I love balancing fun and competitive, it’s the true way to live

  3. Yes Metazoo let's go loving the art. Trading or selling my flesh and blood for metazoo

  4. You are right casual is always bigger then competitive. That’s why PVE is going to take FAB to the next level. Best of both worlds.

  5. Another reason to get excited about PVE. Im not very competitive and just play for fun, so working together fighting a common enemy will be great. Hope there's a lot of new players by then

  6. FaB and MTG are awesome! Lets try out other fun new lil games! Just my opinion, but from a perspective of not playing it yet, Metazoo mechanics just seem like a gimmick that will get old fast.

  7. I like sealed and draft especially withe a new set there is so much excitement around the pulls and the randomness of your janky deck afterwards makes it more stimulating to the mind and that's what it's about for me

  8. very cool intro and that title/thumbnail is really enticing. Great takes too, on the "casual/competition" discussion.

  9. Ping Pong paddles were used for very bad things in college.

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