One Piece Card Game: 800+ Player Regionals! Arlington Top 32 Deck Lists! -

One Piece Card Game: 800+ Player Regionals! Arlington Top 32 Deck Lists!

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Deck Lists:

Tournament Matches can be found on @threeswordsproductions

00:00 Intro
01:48 1st Jonathan Galicia’s ST Luffy
02:59 2nd Kevin Zhao’s Zoro
03:58 Top 4 Nechemia Goldman’s Law
05:33 Top 4 Edward Prado’s Newgate ( Moby Dick )
06:55 Top 8 Peter Buddensick’s ( Straw Hat )
07:31 Top 32 Michael Bui’s Newgate ( Hybrid )
08:33 Top 8 Diego Guevara’s Kin’emon
09:58 Top 16 Emil Menzies’ ST Kid
11:26 Top 32 Alec Beer’s Doffy
13:13 Top 32 Diego Dimas’s Garp

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Intro Animation by Cameron Kaustinen
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Outro Song: “Sector X Gon’ Give It to Ya [Star Fox]” by Player 2 · Zackery Wilson
Round Song: “Hershey” by Zackery Wilson ( )

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  1. Curious as to why the red hawk in the luffy deck? I figure guard point or radical beam are a better counter.

  2. Hey that one doffy player sounds like a pretty cool guy. Getting top 32 with blue is playing the game on hard mode. 😂

  3. Are you gunna do oce last online treasure cup

  4. Shoutout to Alec Beer, as well as Niko, for getting to day 2. Alec also comes from Olympus 🙏

  5. We had last week the biggest regional in Germany with over 1000 Players 🎉

  6. Is that the right nami? Just confirming, I know someone else was using the ST deck nami in there build.

  7. So why is the limit always 512 if they had 800+?

  8. My friend Diego was the garp player. There is a video of him explaining the deck on YouTube

  9. pretty diverse pie chart🤣 and the top32 Garp is really impressive

  10. Played Diego the Kin round 6, 8c kid was rough to deal with but cool to see him make the run

  11. you need absolutely the lists of the european's tournaments

  12. When’s the ban list coming into effect?

  13. Not long got into the game, the sooner red decks are hit/new colour support to spice up the ratios the better.

  14. I got 73rd in the tournament playing the exact same list that won but lost my last round and it dropped me out of 32 😅 luffy felt amazing the whole tournament

  15. Wait, when did OP became more popular than Digimon?

  16. Thank you for always keeping us informed always you're awesome

  17. I am definitely building that Garp deck.

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