ONE PIECE CARD GAME Buddy Battle Official Trailer -

ONE PIECE CARD GAME Buddy Battle Official Trailer

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Announcing a new event for ONE PIECE CARD GAME!
Join the Buddy Battle with your friends and family! Available at Large Events and Local Game Stores!

What is Buddy Battle?
These Buddy Battles are 2-player team battles held at the more casual level.
You can work together with your teammate by consulting each other during the match, which makes this format is easy for even beginners, casual players, and families to enjoy!
If you are a beginner, want more playing time at events, or are the type that has more fun playing on a team these are perfect for you!

Download TCG+ to find the Buddy Battle events near your local game stores.
Apple Store:
Google Play:

Find more details from the Buddy Battle pages.


  1. I was beginning to think they were gonna end up trying to communicate ONLY via fistbumps.

  2. At 0:58, was he declaring an attack on the active Marco? Highly inaccurate Bandai!!

  3. Digimon's ads seem more well thought out and genuine, these One Piece one's feel forced and unrelated to the card game 🤔

  4. We can make a drinking game out of these fist bumps! 🤣

  5. Next up team battles for battle spirits saga like they do in Japan for battle spirits? 👀

  6. Yeah this is definitely a commercial. You have no idea how the American crew looks like! Smelly bearded dudes…yeah I'm included in it lol!

  7. Love these mini one piece card game movies 🎉

  8. Too bad collectors have ruined this card game for me. People who aren't even playing the game buy out our stock and make it so people who actually wanna play can't.

    This game is gonna die in my area due to it. I wouldn't be surprised if this is happening elsewhere too.

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