One Piece Card Game: Isaac Castillo's Film Eustass Kid! Treasure Cup 3rd Place! -

One Piece Card Game: Isaac Castillo’s Film Eustass Kid! Treasure Cup 3rd Place!

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Thanks again to Isaac Castillo for the interview and congrats again for going 8-1 this weekend with Film Eustass Kid for Carta Magica’s Online Treasure Cup!

ALSO Isaac wanted to extended the shoutout to the “Muffinman” for his top 8 in Peoria and for all the experience of playing Zoro as well.

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The rest of Top 16 from this event will be dropped tomorrow!

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  1. ALSO Isaac wanted to extended the shoutout to the "Muffinman" for his top 8 in Peoria and for all the experience of playing Zoro as well.

  2. So many people think Izo is a chick, he is in fact a man.

  3. Great deck-list & refreshing when people that don’t net-deck

  4. my boy the goat!!!! i appreciate the shoutout ❤️🏴‍☠️

  5. Been playing this exact same list on sim i’m like 15-0 this is insanely good !

    Japanesse players play this deck in OP03 and still do well with it

  6. 2:55 I know its done in jest but screw the spike in price for a card that should cost no more than $5 bucks. The price is just as horrific as the Jinbei card

  7. bout time film kid got a top, I had to convince my locals it wasnt a "meme deck". The deck has a solid red matchup which seemed to carry Isaac through the sea of zoro.

    Also advice for any players that watch this and try the deck out, its pretty much a green aggro deck and you will be rewarded for building a fat board and swinging face 4-5 times a turn. With kid leader as backup to end the game, the film deck and push alot of pressure out fast, and if the opponent doesn't have efficient removal for your dudes you pretty much can go unchecked.

  8. pretty standard green film list, ive been running it too on sim since film was announced bart was just too good to pass on

  9. I may be blind, but where is the link to watch the games?

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