One Piece Card Game - Official English Version Release Trailer -

One Piece Card Game – Official English Version Release Trailer

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The ONE PIECE CARD GAME English Version is coming soon from Bandai!
Learn about the card types and upcoming products in this new trailer! Winter 2022 Release!

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  1. English dub does not go well with luffy lmao sound so bad 😂😂

  2. All fun not until someone pulls Gold D. Roger card

  3. Ε ναι τι θελαμε περισσότερο αυτην την στιγμή; Ένα παιχνίδι με καρτες .

  4. モンキー・D・ルフィMonkey D. Luffy says:

    July 30th 2022 10:00, this day will be remembered by me-

  5. Maybe it's because I'm not use to his ENG Dub voice, but he sound like a 10 year old who has the flu.

    His French Dub is actually a better version; it sound almost like his Japanese voice.

  6. Will there be a fusion and synchro arc or link joker arc?

  7. kaido and kid had the same about of health points on their card? XD

  8. 1:01 o thought it’s dragon ball x one piece crossover…🙄🤣

  9. Why luffy's voice sounds like ash ketchum😑

  10. There has to a be a online TCG for this, like pokemon

  11. Wtf is this dub voice 😂😂😂 get this woman voice over outttaaa here !! 😂

  12. English Dub Luffy gave me headache 😥😥

  13. As long as it’s not flooded by screenshot cards I’ll try it

  14. Hearing Luffy's dub voice is making me uncomfortable.

  15. this is the first time hearing it in English dub and oh man!! not a fan but looking forward to the One Piece TCG ^.^

  16. Me: I'll just get a Straw Hat Crew deck, that should beat everyone.
    Also me: Loses to everyone with a mixed deck.

  17. Instead of a card game DUB MORE EPISODES IN ENGLISH BLOOD

  18. the amount of nostalgia from just a card game advert

  19. Been training with Yugioh, Pokemon, & Shadowverse TCGs. Would like to make a Nami card as my ace card. Hope there's Nami & Zeus in the future.

  20. dumb question but is this an actual card game in real life or only mobile ?

  21. can't believe they're making a card game with only a single card

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