One Piece Card Game - Official Trailer -

One Piece Card Game – Official Trailer

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Check out the One Piece TCG announcement from Bandai! Get ready for the Japan Release in July 2022, and a worldwide English release later in 2022!

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  1. Make it available in all area of nepal

  2. why didn't collab with One piece treasure cruise…?
    that game had so many awesome artwork…

  3. Just for clarification, are these original artworks or did they already exist before the cardgame?

  4. why cant we just get online tcg these real life cards be hard to find

  5. How do you play though? Start a 5 minute game and end up finishing after 30 years?

  6. the art of the cards looks amazing but the design truly looks like every bootleg card out there

  7. Bro can't wait to pull a shadowless base set first edition luffy

  8. For anyone that reads this will it be profitable to buy and re sell in the future

  9. Everyone gonna be using luffy fifth gear 100stars xD

  10. Ok, out of the 25rh aniversery stuff (Card Game, One Piece Red, and One Piece Odyssey), This is the thing i'm least excited for hands down.


  12. Don't get Zoro, you will lose it immediately

  13. This seems super interesting and I'm on board!

    Also I'm sorry but how many times can you convey the same info but just said in a different way? Half the trailer was just the date it realeses said again and again. 😅

  14. legal só vai demorar alguns anos para chegar no br

  15. Will there be an actual ending to this board game or will it take years of our lives

  16. 25th anniversary, wow. The 20th one feels like just last year…

  17. Un juego de cartas con temática de One Piece si o si tendría que ser un LCG… así como Arkham Horror LCG, Señor de los anillos LCG o Marvel Champions LCG… otra cosa no creo que me llene.

  18. im really curious how this will be as hoping it wont be like the anime card games from the 2000's where they just use scenes for the action of the game like ztch bell or the original one piece card game. XDD

  19. ^^ got goosebump so excited XD OH YEAHHHHH !!!!!!!

  20. Manga panel cards would be REALLLY cool like a extremely rare pull

  21. What happened to the old One Piece Card Game from back in the days? 😀

  22. This reminds me of when Pokémon cards was like a big deal at my school. Now imagine if this was trending at school.

  23. No lo quiero, lo necesito, lo deseo, ya saben que regalarme uwu

  24. Morons in these comments are just eating this up. Mediocrity at its finest.

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