One Piece Card Game: Pillars of Strength! OP03 Box Opening! -

One Piece Card Game: Pillars of Strength! OP03 Box Opening!

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Intro Animation by Cameron Kaustinen
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  1. Whoa. Never seen a 4 hit box before. Grats!

  2. Crazy good box, I managed to pull an AA rare, SEC katakuri, Katakuri leader AA, and a wanted poster Kaido from my 12 pre-release packs.

  3. Hi!what do you get guaranteed now per Box? Or is there no guarante to got a specific number of SR/SEC/AA?I got the AA DON, 7 SR, 1 SEC and 1 AA (Zeff).Is there even a guaranteed number of Fols/AA?

  4. Thursday before pre release one of our locals comes in and gets 2 boxes and 12 packs. Mans pulls Manga Usopp in his packs, and another one in his boxes along w the alt art version, reg version, alt art Kata leader, alt art big mom, and alt art kata secret. Some people just have that God level luck stat lol

  5. This is the most loaded box I’ve ever seen!

  6. I got 3 alt arts in my box, no wanted and no SEC. Your box was absolutely nuts!!

  7. 4 hit box is insane. Nice pulls egman

  8. The caracheos for the wanted poster are around tow per case

  9. Also, 2 pretenses got me 2 zeff and 1 each secret.

  10. Pulls like this happen when you're the MC lol

  11. opened my first box last night; got 1 AA (perospero), 7 SR ( 2 Lucci), a SEC (non AA), and the don.

    Kind of a dud, but maybe a messup? cuz out of all the boxes I have ever opened in op01 and op02 ive never gotten a duplicate SR and I have always gotten at least 2 AA

  12. I been watching box openings all day and this is the first I've seen a 4hit. I watched like 10 videos xD most are 3hit

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