One Piece Card Game - Singapore Asia Championship Round 2 -

One Piece Card Game – Singapore Asia Championship Round 2

Asyraf D. Chazz
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Timestamps for the matches:
Game 1 – Smoker vs Eustass Kid: 1:41:02
Game 2 – Ivankov vs Zoro: 2:47:32
Game 3 – Smoker vs Kaido: 3:27:22
Bonus Game – Zoro vs Crocodile: 4:06:51
Game 4 – R/G Luffy vs Zoro: 4:55:58
Game 5 – Zoro vs Zoro: 6:11:49
Game 6 – R/G Law vs Zoro: 7:01:50
Game 7 – R/G Law vs Kinemon: 7:54:43
Game 8 – Kinemon vs Zoro: 8:43:18

Welcome to round 2 of the Singapore Asia Championship Qualifier! Your casters, YTNoaCH and myself will be taking the commentary stage to cover all the fiery matches of today!

Tournament Organised by Daimonji TCG
Gradesaver Pro
Cardsandgrading (CAG)
Tech genius global Pte Ltd.



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Asyrafchazz is Singaporean based creator, who is extremely addicted to all things GEEK-related. An avid fan of Magic the Gathering, One Piece and Pokemon, he aims to share some of his addictions on this humble slice of this platform. Asyrafchazz also streams on twitch, and loves doing box openings for all TCGs out there!


  1. Timestamps for the matches:Game 1 – Smoker vs Eustass Kid: 1:41:02Game 2 – Ivankov vs Zoro: 2:47:32Game 3 – Smoker vs Kaido: 3:27:22Bonus Game – Zoro vs Crocodile: 4:06:51Game 4 – R/G Luffy vs Zoro: 4:55:58Game 5 – Zoro vs Zoro: 6:11:49Game 6 – R/G Law vs Zoro: 7:01:50Game 7 – R/G Law vs Kinemon: 7:54:43Game 8 – Kinemon vs Zoro: 8:43:18

  2. 詰め方の勉強になりますいつか世界大会が開かれるといいな

  3. Awesome stream guys!!! Kinemon for the win!!!

  4. Thanks for the stream! I started watching last night but it was getting too late so I had to finish this morning. It's good to see more than Red Zoro!

  5. Amazing stream this and the previous one!!! Keep the good work 💪🏻 congrats from 🇵🇹

  6. Thank you everyone that joined us during the stream!

  7. Awesome, you know I gotta root for a guy named Ian playing Green!~

  8. zoro vs ivankov nami's effect is being misread it select a straw hat crew character type card except nami. you cant grab events otherwise she would be more insane.

  9. Anyone got the decklist for the red/green law deck of game 7 ?

  10. @Asyraf, is there a offical confirmation of alfreds law move. Laws effect says: Take a Charaktere back to hand. Than. ….. there is no may. Isnt it mandatory to do the whole effect?

  11. I always play with Ian on online remotes let me tell you over I can't count how many games I only won 1 match w/ Ian using king deck 🤣 by shear luck ! Ian and his brother rhei helped me improve my game and I wish them more wins thanks asyraf for this amazing content and Ian for representing PH.

  12. Am I missing something or did Alfred add a radical beam from nami search at 7:57:09

  13. The sportmanship when Alfred lets Meh restand his kid

  14. anyone know if that luffy play mat from the first battle will be available in the U.S?

  15. 8:10:45 Kin'emon player blocks with 7-drop Kid (7K) and uses a Nekomamushi (1K counter) to keep it alive illegally against X.Drake + 2 Don (8K attack)

  16. Thank you for sharing live video! This is the first time to see ONE PIECE card match in Singapore on Youtube. I’m one of the players in Japan🇯🇵 I’m so glad ONE PIECE card game spread all over the world and Singapore as well! I learned a lot from these matches! I hope I can play with not only Japanese but also people all over the world who love ONE PIECE card game:))

  17. Is there a VOD from the top 8? I saw a ST luffy deck placed top 4 and I'd like to see how it plays in Op02

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