One Piece Card Game: The GREATEST Booster Box Unboxing! -

One Piece Card Game: The GREATEST Booster Box Unboxing!

Supah Playaz
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  1. Amazing pull, beautiful AA card <3

  2. This game I hope is gonna go far cause I’m spending money on it

  3. Bro i can’t believe you guys managed to find a box of these

  4. King Fandom rocks! thanks for the chance to win!

  5. king fandom killing it with the hook up

  6. I would actually like to get into One Piece tcg cause it also plays alot like DBS and i wish I knew more ppl in my area that plays both or wants to get into it

  7. I know nothing about these but they look amazing 😍

  8. Sick! I want a box so bad. Loving this community so far. Go king fandom!

  9. The Artwork of the Cards are AWESOME! I like your Channel!

  10. first video I've ever watch and gotta say can't way for more

  11. lets go king fandom! Thanks for providing the boxes and fun pulls

  12. Have u recently done a sweepstakes to win anything off ur page like a Christmas sweepstakes

  13. Great job King Fandom i can't get a box for love or money. Would love to win. 😊

  14. Cant wait to open some of this set myself, King Fandom with some nice prices

  15. bro ain’t a one piece fan how hard is it to pronounce characters names 😭

  16. Nice pulls Supah!!! This is set is awesome.. and King Fandom is great

  17. Haven't played tabletop in forever! I work a few blocks away from a tabletop place and one of my regulars saw my Zoro shirt and introduced me to this game! I am so happy you posted an unboxing! I want a booster box and I asked for one from my bf for Christmas lol! I also want the Leader Zoro! Thanks for representing the community in such a wholesome way! You're awesome

  18. I got an alt art shanks and luffy as well as a secret rare shanks

  19. 8 drop Kid with 7 drop Kid blocker is a wall!

  20. Opened one of the booster boxes and I had one of the best luck ever! Even Dragon Ball Super TCG never blessed me this much.

    In one box, I got: SR Luffy AA, SR Zoro AA & Normal SCR Yamato. Crazy box. Loved it, especially the AA is incredible. Even though I got Red AAs, I aim to play Kid Deck too, especially I feel most comfortable too 👍

  21. Awesome, king fandom is amazing bro! So excited for this set 🔥

  22. I believe the giveaway ended but at least I can remember the days i lived in California and used to go to king fandom with me trash yugioh deck and get destroyed 1 turn style. Ah those were the good times

  23. king fandom is awesome sheeeesh, wish to get a box but couldnt find one in my city 🙁

  24. They gottta be super cool to give you a box and your super cool for giving the box away

  25. I’m just learning about the card game. I can’t wait to get this box set. I’m a big One Piece fan.

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