One Piece Card Game: Top 10 EXPENSIVE Cards -

One Piece Card Game: Top 10 EXPENSIVE Cards

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One Piece Card Game has some cards in the game that are very expensive! These are the TOP 10 expensive Cards in the Game!

One Piece tcg is a card game that plays the characters from the anime.

As you probably already know the main character Monkey D Luffy and Zoro going to make a scene in this video for being really expensive!

The most expensive cards are here in this video for you to be informed! Enjoy and Subscribe!

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  1. Prices might fluctuate overtime but for the most part this is the list for top 10+ hope you enjoy

  2. That Comic art Shanks is legit! I think you guys evaluated those cards perfectly! Now the real question is when is the OP Playaz channel droppin??

  3. dunno from where are the prices but boa hancock goes for 175 dollar xD

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