One Piece TCG Breaks the Game in Set 1 -

One Piece TCG Breaks the Game in Set 1

Cross World TCG
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Let me know what you think about this One Piece move in the comments!

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  1. Look at mtg (EDG/Commander format specifically) if you're interested in the multicolor leader interactions and viability. It's super common.

  2. Quick clarification, multicolour was introduced after set 6 in DBS, unless you count theme boosters. Set 9 was the last set of the multicolour block

  3. The whole set isn’t out yet . I’d wait before making assumptions

  4. Game looks interesting but if im honest, my only issue with it is the cards themselves. To me, they look a knock-off card game you'd find in a dolllar store. Hopefully they can come out with cooler art and foils for them.

  5. How would a quad color leader even look. They haven't done even tripple yet in dragon ball

  6. Shadowverse Evolve TCG Fan Community says:

    I like how they set the life to the leader at 4 to where it balances it out against mono colour strategies.

  7. Oh this is every interesting
    Also congrats to your brother and wish him success in the path he decides to take,

  8. Congratulations to your brother! Just FYI Basil Hawkins is a supernova. I think that is a mis translation because technically Luffy is too.

  9. I'm gonna guess the early multi-colour is not necessarily a problem, more just that the next few sets are likely already made for a potential rapid release of sets, and a few like that just got on the earlier set to allow people to start piecemealing a bit earlier

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