Only 5 SECONDS for a Shiny Mew Pokemon Card! 🥵 -

Only 5 SECONDS for a Shiny Mew Pokemon Card! 🥵

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5 seconds to find a Shiny Mew Pokemon Card!
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  1. U didn’t do the card trick open them normal dead

  2. This guy is literally the stage two evo of the homesteading dude called nate, give it a few levels and my guy will evolve

  3. I'm a massive fan!! Can you open the eeveelutions box please 💚💚💚❤❤❤❤

  4. I got the Gardevoir full art in my first ETB. Worried I used all my luck on that

  5. i actually pulled the shiny mew ex s.i.r out of a 3 pack blister! its the only paldean fates they had in stock so my grandma got it for me for my bday and i pulled it! i was freakin out xD good luck to all of you trying to pull this card!

  6. Oh no instead of evil psyduck taking over the channel Marie is because she is doing real breaking Nate role

  7. Did Nate lose a bunch of weight? Good on you bro

  8. No way! I totally thought ,there’s no way you can go 3/3 in a 3 pack😂

  9. The shiny ✨ Pidgeot is very cool!!! 😎

  10. Nate looks like eren Yager in this vid

  11. I like how you’ve “adapted” your way into shorts

  12. What the heck, 3 full arts in one thats crazy

    I can imagine that if that 3 blister had that pulls then one of them would have no pulls at all

  13. I just found one today in the fidough pack. 😭🙏🏻

  14. just appreciating the sweet little eevee just chilling in her bed lol

  15. Als laut zijn hoofd rood word poep tie in ze broek

  16. Spilt second thought Nate was shirtless with a hoodie and was Mind blown

  17. Those pills were better than my EBT opening.

  18. Bro I'm trying to collect all the mew cards that is my dream card rn (shiny mew)❤😂😅😢

  19. Wow thats extremely good pulls on a 3 pack!🎉

  20. Wasnt a shiny mew but a good pack none the less.

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