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Orbito Is A Two Player Strategy Game You MUST Try! #boardgame #couple

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  1. After he didnt win after getting 3 in a row, i was tottaly lost

  2. Im assuming its connect 4 but you move a piece and place a piece each turn?

  3. And just like tic tac toe, the first person who goes has a better chance of winning. Even moreso if the opponent never touches the inner circle. Once the opponent has 2 or 3 on the inner ring while you have 0, your chances of winning have gone from 47%, to 13% chance of winning, as your only option of winning is by 4 in a row on 1 side, however this takes 4 turns, and requires the opponent to not move your pieces at all. This also assumes the opponent wont have atleast 2 opposite balls on a give side, which will only require 2 turns. If you expend your turn moving the ball aside, placing yours, then rotating, they still have the option of 4 in a row in any direction, while you are forced to pick the side.. Seems fun, but if you play against a mathematician, or someone able to know the simple 13 various endings of tic tac toe, and they go first.. chances of you winning are… Slim..

  4. Bro won she realized and didn’t SAY ANYTHING 😀

  5. You know, lots of board games that you play makes me want to play it too! Or buy it 😅

  6. Better Yet Loser Has To Walk A Mile On Treadmill At 3.0 Make It Worth While Something That Can Help Each Other.

  7. I don't know this game but watching more times 😂🎉❤

  8. Ok first of all wtf are they playing second why is it always the same thing playing weird games and then the loser has to make dinner like you can’t think of anything more extreme this is definitely the most boring channel on YouTube I’ve watched a couple of there videos and all of them are boring and trash please just delete your YouTube channel for the love of god

  9. Almost thought it was a futuristic version of Backgammon

  10. Tic Tac Toe x Connect Four with Troubles Popper 😂

  11. Explanation the point of the game is basically like 4 in a row but theres a twist u can move the other persons marble at the end u can see he won because he got 4 of his own marbles diagonal reply if this helped

  12. There isn’t a single game they have played that I understand.

  13. DineRrr? Amazing! Are your ingredients vegan? Please get them vegan, for the animals, the environment and future&health of the children. Search Challenge 22❤

  14. how tf do u even win this bro 😭😭😭

  15. This is more like throwing dice and praying to get straight 4

  16. This is just so easy and he missed twice bruh

  17. I legit have no idea what was going g on

  18. Sounds like a skeleton from Minecraft

  19. chess is a two player strategy game you MUST try 🤓

  20. As someone who was adopted by my Father when I was young, these stories always make me want to cry. Especially after NINE years?? Honey, she doesn't know anyone else. You're her father and you will always be her father, regardless of genetics.

  21. This is like that weird game that everyone was getting high on in Star Trek😂😂😂

  22. How do you play this game? It looks fun.

  23. What exactly is the objective? How do you win?

  24. Just wait until they break out Monopoly 😅❤.

  25. She seems a bit young to have survived the camps

  26. At least the food will be good💀💀💀

  27. I don't understand hiw does it work, what shall they do

  28. The total relaxation budget between these two goes into buying these games. They should compensation from the companies for playing the games for viewers to review.

  29. until the literal end of the video this was like watching that made up game where people bring out random objects

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