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Our 5 Favourite New Card Games in 2021!

Shut Up & Sit Down
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0:00 Intro
0:59 The Crew
Tom’s Review:
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3:02 Oriflamme
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5:50 Oriflamme: Ablaze
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6:28 Fantasy Realms
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10:36 Royal Visit
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15:29 Runners-up
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18:15 Regicide



  1. I cant wait for max gland to do his own review… that guy looks like a fun time ^.^

  2. More Tom and Quinns!!!!! More Tom and Quinns!!!!!

  3. Are they using parts of the AoM (Age of Mythology) soundtrack or am I going crazy?

  4. When you realize Tom was just creeping there from the start.

  5. So funny! I laughed out loud a few times. I do like Claim quite a bit, though. Unfortunately it has no ace of Sauron.

  6. Yes! Oriflamme is getting some love! It’s a game that took me by surprise.

  7. Hilarious and fun. Such great energy having the two of you together on this one.

  8. In the Oriflamme review, is that a “bonusse”?

  9. Best video in so long. You guys feed off of each other’s energy. Hope Matt will join in soon

  10. "Looks like it's a Royal Visit" would be a better line.
    Also, the "male gaze" in Fantasy Realms is barely noticeable in context, and when compared to other fantasy art of its time, it's above par.

    Those Royal Visit cards look great.

  11. The boys are back in town!!!

  12. The bound-up Quintin Strings in the corner is such a good Easter egg.

  13. Alright alright I'm gonna listen to the podcast, sheesh.

  14. This is a great series. So glad you did another one of these.

  15. Leave Reference 🍐 alone, they’re doing their best!

  16. Your video is lovely as always but I grew really sick of fantasy themed games

  17. The stare during the podcast segment, did not faze me as a long time listener!
    XD but….I would have loved to see the top 5 cards at the end….everyone knows that wasps in jars are better than regular wasps!

  18. The green screen and vfk work in this video is truly sublime. It TRULY looks like these two people are in the same room, which is madness. No one has been in the same room for decades.

  19. I mean ace of spades had to make the top four, no?

  20. Please more Max Glands. That's it, I almost love him more than tom himself.

  21. Lol I laughed so hard at the random "finding a game in a shop window part"
    Also, never felt so guilty at watching a video in my life, I'm off to listen to the podcasts

  22. The crew has to be one of my favourite card games ever made

  23. I love that you guys are together in person! Video is so much more fun! Amazing list! Woohoo for the sponsor! I play Splendor there because my partner doesn’t want to play all the time haha

  24. As a woman, I have no problems with the artwork in Fantasy Realms and I’ve played it multiple times with other female players and not once has anyone mentioned having any issue with it. In fact, calling out this game for that seems kinda like shaming women for having breasts.

  25. Where can I get one of those Board Games jumpers? Not seeing it on the SUSD merch page.

  26. How did you get it to look like Tom was in Quinn's house? That's amazing visual effects, especially when it looks like he touches the table and stuff.

  27. You guys prove it once more : SU&SD reviews with two members of the team are even better 🙂

  28. I comment the same thing on every video, but Tom really is just great, isn't he.

  29. So Regicide is the expansion DLC to hit video game series pokeman, The Crown Tundra, where you beat up a series of grumpy Regis?

    (I'll see myself out)

  30. Royal visit might be the first game to make me go "fwwwaaaa" out loud after seeing the card art

  31. A lot of the Leisure Games UK buy links are broken (probably as they don't have pages for those games)

  32. Can we have Quinns and Matt back together? Tom's energy creeps me out.

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