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Overhyped Blue Cards

Nitpicking Nerds
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Super overhyped 👀


  1. I have definitely gotten screwed by my opponent's Mind's Dilation before

  2. I run gauntlet on my Atraxa Superfriends deck and it's wins games, bruh.

  3. Every body gucchi until Ichormoon comes down in Atraxa

  4. Flash on misleading signpost is underrated. It lets you hold up counterspell mana without giving up a turn of ramp

  5. misleading signpost is a great include in a goad based deck, portal mage is its direct (and so much worse) comparison and my mono blue goad deck is going to enjoy it as the other theme in it is big mana (when i finally get one)

  6. Would you consider Mindsplice Apparatus an Overhyped card or a sleeper?

  7. trueeeee Phyrexia is a SUPER Overhyped set with a Terrible Limited

  8. Quite literally the only reason I like misleading signpost is for flash. Kinda nice to hold up 3 mana for a counterspell then just ramp if you dont use it. Feels like a budget card though despite being $5…

  9. Signpost and Dilation are solid. Common L take

  10. As a green player please do green, people love overreacting to splashy green cards

  11. Signpost is a great meme. I run it in my rogues deck and it’s solid

  12. I don’t understand how you’re choosing between midnight clock and misleading signpost, they’re not even remotely similar

  13. I do like Signpost, especially in anything that can clone artifacts

  14. I have taken essentially infinite turns thanks to gauntlet in many guff games 😅

  15. Misleading Signpost is hilarious, and fog-type effects have turned the tide in enough games that I've seen where I can't pretend it's nothing.

    I do so love weird three mana rocks, and cards with options for a little more mana. Like Cursed Mirror, Wand of the Worldsoul, Crowded Crypt. If the other effect fits, it's worth it.

  16. Ichormoon Gauntlet is my most common finisher in superfriends. Setting it down with 4 walkers and asking if anyone can stop me from going infinite is pretty reliable. All the rest of the text is just gravy.

  17. Mind's Dilation is hilarious in my brother's Vial-Smasher + Ishai big spells deck

  18. The omniscience sphinx is going to do nothing

  19. Lol misleading signpost being misleading in expectation

  20. As a superfriends playing Ichromor is diffently busted its a must get rid of 🤣

  21. …..imay or may not have been playing Sign post wrong XD

  22. Ichormoon gauntlet puts in MAD work in my narset superfriends deck. Its basically game over the turn that hits the field, unless they can board wipe all my planewalkers before i get that first extra turn. Which usually happens the turn after i drop it.

  23. I run Misleading Signpost in a few decks, i love it

  24. Phyrexia was a generally mid set overhyped to no end, but the gauntlet remains solid in Super Friends WUBRG

  25. We just gonna ignore what they did to my girl Tamiyo?

  26. Ichormoon guantlet was never busted, but you're insane if you call that middle of the road.

  27. I am just renowned in my playgroup for loving to fuck with combat so I do enjoy the signpost but it’s definitely not worth the money it’s selling for 😂

  28. I don't even run 2 mana rocks that do nothing else, they lose me games. I only run 3 mana rocks with abilities that change the game out of nowhere, creates actual interaction and fun games

  29. Signpost is amazing, always with the baiting 🙄 it’s really good in decks that want to play at instant speed

  30. Graveyard full of walkers+ ichormoon gauntlet+ primeval glorious rebirth is my win con in my Atraxa superfriends deck.

  31. I might catch flack for this but I absolutely would play Misleading Signpost over Midnight Clock. Usually both.

  32. Ichormoon isn't the super staple that the initial price tag would have indicated, but it's also the best card in the decks that want it.

  33. Mind's Dilation has a permanent home in my steal-your-stuff deck. The unpredictable nature is WHY I run it.

  34. I know this is a "look at how mid these are" video but the first one would go brr in my don andres deck!

  35. EIGHT FUCKING YEARS AGO?!?! jesus christ i am an old man. It was fine for tap out control decks, but those decks that wanted to keep mana open? Yeah, good luck casting a 7 drop then countering multiple spells

  36. I didn't think Ichormoon was busted good, just really fun!

  37. You've clearly never used the gauntlet in a real super Friends deck that card puts in as much work as a doubling season

  38. my blue white flicker Planeswalker deck loves Ichor moon gauntlet..

  39. I respect his choices for his favorite players. Most ppl say the same dozen or so people, but you can tell his choices are genuinely his favorite players

  40. Ichormoon seems like a win more card. It does nothing unless you have a few plainswalkers out. Signpost is a tool against the build a guy type of deck but you kinda need to be blinking it in a deck with plainswalkers if it gets to a 1v1. And dilation is a neat chaos tool. It doesn't do much unless it does but isn't that what makes it fun xD

  41. Bro ichormoon is nasty. Atraxa super friends just have fun with infinite turns

  42. I know other people are saying it but ichormoon is a house. That card is so good in any planeswalker deck its nuts

  43. Tbh Ichormoon gauntlet should be replaced with demilich. That card was pre selling for $20 back when the set came out

  44. I've considered making a Blue Planeswalker deck with Tekuthal as the commander and just proliferate into a win with the many blue Ults. It seems fun

  45. I still use minds dilation and let me tell you. It’s a threat. If it’s not removed because you think it’s not good or something else is a priority I end up grabbing the gas off the top of your library. If you do think it’s a threat then you’re trying to use all your removal on it ignoring other threats I put down. One downside is it’s bad in 1v1 format.

  46. I totally missed misleading signpost. I feel like it presents some interesting possibilities.

  47. Ichormoon gauntlet serves as an infinite combo piece in my Jeskai tribal deck, where i use Jace cunning castaway, Ichormoon and Leori to create infinite jaces, Infinite tokens, and infinite turns.

  48. I mean ichormoon gauntlets is a wincon in superfriends when I can drop it proliferate 3-5 times and minus 12 something just to progress the cycle. If people wanna see me fiddle with walkers for 20-45 mins I'll win between my comander and like 3-5 chandra I'll burn em out eventually.

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