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Overview of Back to the Future: The Card Game

Andrew Looney
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Game inventor Andrew Looney explains how his new card game works!


  1. I do have this game and really like it…. but it takes a lot of explaining to get new people on board

  2. well yes.

    but by my understanding of time travel, it would instead freeze reality the way things have been set up, and, since that is the main pinpoint to time travel, the overall temperal dis-placements, from all time travel events would be frozen in place as well, thus ending time travel in that region of area, yet the time travel from before would still be in place, making all those events happen, yet even though the event that started it all in the first place never happened.

    werid eh?

  3. @TheKNexWeasel Both are ade by the same guy/company, and uses almost exactly the same rules.

  4. I know the rules of every game "Back to the Future": The Card Game, OUTATIME, Dice Through Time, An Adventure Through TimeM, Back in time, Funkoverse Strategy Game, Hill Valley, etc… and they have left a bad taste in my mouth. I would like to create a game from scratch but I can't think of any ideas no matter how much I have researched, I wanted to ask you… Do you know any game with mechanics or game system related to "Back to the Future" McFly against Tannen ? All games are for children, +10 years old, not for adults.

  5. A new version of the already existing cardgame Chrononauts???

  6. Tiff Tannen….god i wish they could have introduced that character

  7. Bought it for my family for Christmas and we had a blast playing it! (And yes, the whole "un-invent time travel" thing is a bit of a loop hole, but who cares when you're having fun!)

  8. I like the reverse ripple effect and time machines.

  9. Seems very akin to Chrononauts, which is also a great game.

  10. 1:00 – :03 Hey Verne, it's Ernest! 😀 Gotya.

  11. 3:32 – 4:01 Small point: If Marty did that, his parents would still be losers and Doc would never have a family with Clara.

  12. Bought this 3 packs for friends. The how to play is a bit sketchy…. What we tried was fun though, but I'm sure we're not doing it correctly. Will contact you guys online to try figure it out 🙂

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