Padres vs. Mets Wild Card Game 1 Highlights (10/7/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights -

Padres vs. Mets Wild Card Game 1 Highlights (10/7/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights

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Padres vs. Mets full game highlights from 10/7/22.

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  1. Want to watch these baseball players in cricket 🙌😄

  2. I'll say it again for those in the back, "SALARY CAP"

  3. The Mets fans booed Max off the field. In the interview afterwards, he said he couldn't blame them for booing, it was the lowest of lows for him. Max, if it had been me, I'd have said, "I don't blame the fans for booing. I have $130 million, they don't"

  4. Hurts to see Scherzer being bashed around like this… I'm a big fan if his

  5. If that's the best the Mets have then they are done.

  6. There is NO WAY that the Mets ware going to win a world series with that line-up…. Eppler threw out that WIN NOW mentality at the trade deadline… his answer to winning was to acquire Vogelbach Naquin Ruf & Givens…. it's all over Mets fans it was NEVER going to happen anyway….

  7. that was an embarrassing loss for the Mets… the pitching and offense was non-existent

  8. Last Shot Profar!!!!!!

  9. The moment you realize that your favorite baseball team has caused you PTSD!!!!!

  10. Mi gente los no eh por mas fanáticos y por mejor equipo si no por el que haga las cosas mejores y habra sorpresa😁

  11. Yo the highlights overlayed with the post game went super hard, great job @MLB

  12. The sports casters on ESPN are terrible. Can they at least pretend that they do not have money on the Mets. Padres fans are watching too.

  13. Well this'll show how much attention I've been paying to baseball, but since when is the wildcard a series?

    Also, WHY is the wildcard a series? The whole point was to introduce a one-shot X-factor by adding in 4 also-rans who wouldn't have made the cut previously. Now being a series, it might as well be a whole other bracket level, because it looks like just a regular quarterfinals. To keep calling it a wildcard is stupid.

    It's basically just another way to expand the business, is what it really is. Which is what it was when they introduced the idea in the first place. So not so stupid from the perspective of the bottom line, I suppose. 🙄

  14. If you've watched the Mets in Sept. you should not be surprised at what you're seeing with the them.


  16. That's The Reasons Why You Play
    The Games….in The Post-Season
    Everything is Possible. A Wild Card
    Team Can Came Hot in Sept and ⚾ct.
    And Winning All….Last Example
    Juan Soto's Washington Nationals.
    in 2019. And Looks Juan Soto Again
    With a Wild Card Team. This Time With
    The San Diego Padres……i Think
    What Some Fans and a Few Padres
    Players Said in The Summer When
    👉🏾 MLB Suspended Tatis Jr. Was True.
    They Said,👉🏾 We Don't Need Him.
    I Think They Demonstrated..

  17. La ofensiva de los padres respondiendo sin tatis como seria si estuviera tatis😳🔥

  18. Igotyourhoeinthebathroomwefuckinglikenikko&mimi says:

    This is why players take steroids

  19. Padres wins game one in the National League best of three series.

  20. It's amazing how he still has filthy stuff mucho years after Texas. That's why pitchers get paid so much money.

  21. marchardo, kim, bell and snell look like faint-hearted man.

  22. Padres offensive chewing Max alive. Damn they are good.

  23. Atleticos de Fantino are the best in softball in the Republic

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  24. NY fans Hate their players but love their team lol Players hate that They don’t play good like that

  25. Shamika🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥 says:

    This is what the Padres were built for at the trade deadline. To beat and compete with great teams. What a a game for them

  26. Yu da man! I'm liking his abilities to invent pitches on the fly. That 65mph curve (seefis pitch?) was just a stunner. Yu Darvish won't use the MLB pitch-com system thingy BECAUSE he's got too much in his arsenal. There aren't enough buttons/options on any wrist-pads to work with what he has to offer. Great performance. G O P A D R E S ! ! !

  27. Amy 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me says:

    Man Darvish is insane and this offense is showing their potential! Cant wait for Snell tomorrow

  28. It looks so stupid with all those fans waving their crying towels lol

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  30. Scherzer giving up 4 HRs and getting booed off the mound…music to my ears 😂

  31. Can't wait for yu to absolutely choke once again in the playoffs and see all the fans turn on him like we did. Wouldn't matter if the Astros cheated or not if pitches were executed. That world series loss was all on dave Robert's for even putting him back out there after the first embarrassment. Our family was so pissed he even got to go back on the mound.

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