Part -2 of Rummy Card Game Strategy | Rummy School - Play or Drop -

Part -2 of Rummy Card Game Strategy | Rummy School – Play or Drop

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What would you do if you got dealt a bad hand that leaves you with little to no chances of being able to create a pure sequence? Would you continue playing the game or make an informed decision to drop out of the game? A good rummy card game strategy might help you sail through the toughest cards in your hand. However, players should not hesitate to drop out of the game if the cards are not in favor. In this two-part video, our rummy masters explain how to analyze the cards in your hand and whether to continue playing or drop out of the game.

Drop is a useful rummy card game strategy that allows you to quit the game. This option also comes as a savior to those who want to save themselves from incurring a heavy penalty in case an opponent declares their cards first. Suppose you join an online rummy game and you are dealt bad cards. If the cards remain ungrouped even after the first few rounds, you can choose to drop out before someone else makes a valid declaration in the game. You can save yourself from losing by a big margin and utilize your stakes for subsequent games.

There are two types of drops: first drop and middle drop. When a player utilizes the drop option without playing any move, it counts as a first drop and costs only 20 points. It is considered a middle drop when a player quits anytime after making his or her first move. Here the player incurs 40 points. If a player misses three consecutive turns, the player is automatically dropped from the game and it is considered a middle drop.

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