Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Core Set | Solo Playthrough -

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Core Set | Solo Playthrough

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Mike plays the updated version of Pathfinder. How do you feel about the changes in gameplay?

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I was provided with a copy of Pathfinder in order to play and review it. I was in no other way compensated for this content.

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  1. Your gamethrough is awesome! So interesting to watch how someone plays Seelah 'cause I've never seen someone playing her before 😅

  2. Thanks for the great video. Haven't played yet but I would say you have done the best to educate of any video I've seen for this game, and in the shortest playthrough time.

  3. I can't find this game anywhere in the UK 🙁

  4. You can display armors throughout the game and draw another card in its place???

  5. I liked that you discussed using short locations to speed up the game. I see you're using hourglass with 21 cards. The guide suggests for a fast paced game that has a similar level of challenge to Normal mode, combine small locations with an hourglass with 12 blessings plus 2 additional blessings per character. So with 2 characters the hourglass would have 16 blessing. I wonder if the game is too easy with 21 blessings.

  6. I love the old series (Skulls and Shackles is my favorite). Other than looking fancy, I haven't been convinced that I need the new one yet. Thanks so much for the video!

  7. I love this reboot! Loved the old one, love the new one more.

  8. This is indeed the same fiddly game as before. Thanks for showing it, I was very interested on a hands-on review.

  9. It seems like there are some solid changes, although the game seems a bit shuffle/roll heavy for my tastes.

  10. Have Rise of The Runelord and love this game, but dislike its design. They fixed it now, so definitely in my to buy list.

  11. Not to be that guy, but… Since the one barrier said "summon and encounter an ally" and not "draw a new ally", you needed to make a Diplomacy/Charisma 12 check to put the Djinn in your hand.
    I don't get the beef about the game being all about rolling dice. How is that different from the Pathfinder RPG it is trying to emulate? "I check that pile of rags over there." "Roll a Perception Check." "I attack that skeleton". "Roll your combat check." I look at it like just removing the middle man GM. 🙂

  12. Thanks for the playthrough Mike! I really like the pathfinder serie, was nice to see a playthrough from the new set. I love how reload and the armors works now. And the bkesssing deck is cool too with the 'hour' thing.

  13. The cards definitely look better with the background design, which honestly was my biggest complaint before. lol Now I’m actually curious about this game.

  14. I'm a bit torn on this. I previously played Skull & Shackles and admit it took me a while to comprehend some of the rules…especially ship movement/combat. I kinda like the old card layout better, but I do like the vibrant colors and gonzo artwork style…not a huge fan of the '#' icon.

    I did have a bit of difficulty in a few areas following you as the your explanations were a tad fast. In the more complex situations (sharing cards back and forth and increasing die checks modifiers) I'd ask that you slow down a bit so we can digest.

  15. I am going to go ahead and be extremely nit-picky just to make sure i'm not crazy. When you encountered the "pixie gang" early on it said "if defeated by at least 4 or undefeated(…)", am I going crazy or does that mean if you fail the effect happens, and if you succeed excessively the effect also happens? Great vid, would hope for someone to clearify.

  16. I'm really glad they switched to suits of armor being displayed. Armor-heavy characters can be a drag near the beginnings of the pre-Core campaigns. I also like the greater emphasis on being able to affect other characters' checks with character powers and boons other than blessings.

    By default, I think when a power tells you to do something with "a card" it has to come from your hand, so Seelah can't use displayed armors for her power.

    Healed cards are supposed to be random; you don't get to pick the exact ones. Although that would be pretty nice! 🙂

  17. Hey guys , it’s difficult to understand this game (instruction)? My English is level B1-B2 and im still learning:)

  18. Hey man! Love the coverage! Just wanted to point out @ 22:30 when you start the healing process using Revitalize, I believe you're supposed to randomly choose a card from discard when you heal 1 card to Seelah. Pg 9 of the rule book "Rules:Healing" states that 'when a power heals you, shuffle the specified number (and, if specified, type) of random card from your discards into your deck'.

  19. You dont close the location with only defeating a henchmen, it needs To be a closing henchmen

  20. Can you explain used freely. Multiple
    people can use same type of card if it adds to check and doesn't change the check?

  21. Man, those dice sound good. (clacketyclackety) Which company did you buy from, and how many dice sets or which combo of dice do you recommend for those that want to bling-and-deluxify our sets? thanks!

  22. Better but still has crap art and card layout on cheap thin cards.

  23. Thanks for doing this. I got into this game after Gen Con last year and did a few videos on it. I’m now getting back to it and watching a few videos 🙂

  24. I don't get the love for this game. I remember playing 1st edition and was incredibly underwhelmed how easy it was. Like I'm seriously wondering if they ever tested the game.

    Target is 9. Roll d12, and d6, recharge a card back to your draw pile and get another d12, use blessing, get d6, add 4.
    And you can do this without sacrificing anything. Zero risk. Zero fun

  25. Can only use ONE card of ONE weapon type in combat, so using the benefits of several bows.. Just wrong.

  26. Hello, great video! Wish to know about the overture song. Would you indicate it?!

  27. Great game but awful artwork. Wish they would improve on that

  28. I want to get this someday but has no money 🙁

  29. I’m early in to the video. How is this game for a newbie? I like that (based on what I’ve read/heard that the character levels up and get items, just like a video game). I’ve played a few games that are similar, but as a pc game, so not a physical rolling
    So I’m assuming no dungeon/game master is needed? Just want a game where the character improves over time vs resetting every time.
    Are there different ‘edition’ (for the lack of a better word) of pathfinder? Don’t want to buy the wrong one

  30. I like what they did with the new artwork. It looks less generic.

  31. Thanks so much for the video Mike. Do you prefer this or Heroes of Tenefyr for a solo gamer?

  32. The characters in the old version were actually getting old and therefor the buisness model of the publisher was that you will buy more content and characters and many abandoned this game due that reason.

    Does this game is different and does has an eternal replayability with the same characters??

  33. O jogo e muito bom ! A unica critica e a Produtora ter Colocado a Arte dos Monstro so pela metade ! Podia ser de corpo todo !? Pois eles tem tudo mas não aproveitarão 100% ! Mas para Piorar fizerão uma Segunda Edição desse jogo ! Mas o Desing das Cartas Piorou !

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