Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Review - with Tom Vasel -

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at this new card game from Paizo

00:00 – Introduction
01:39 – Game Overview
13:33 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Really enjoy the RPG system, and I just placed my order with some birthday funds for the Card Game, Thanks for the great review.

  2. Thanks for explaining/summarizing what the game concept is. I hadn't been able to pin point it.

  3. Great review, love your rambling Tom, keep going 🙂

  4. Will this rival decent in Char building style game??

  5. Can the cards fit in the box if the are sleeved

  6. Nope, so those of us who decide to sleeve the game will have to chuck the best-designed box ever which is depressing. Also, per other reviewers, you can print out all of the characters' cards on paizo's site for free plus it has a cool deck-list to check off too.

  7. I used the penny sleeves and they fit in there no prob

  8. i see a little space above the smash up box tom

  9. Bummed I didn't get to demo the game for you at Gen Con, Tom, but very glad you enjoy the game!

  10. Nice review Tom. Looks like a great game. Over at Crits Happen here on youtube he reviews and plays this game. It really helps seeing how to play to see if you like it.

  11. Ugh, check on the cards? Not for this guy. Time to roll out the character tracker iPad app Paizo.

  12. For those who cringe at writing on the the character cards, like I do, you can download free printable character sheets from Paizo. Go to and search for "Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Character Sheets"

  13. If you don't like marking the cards, cut the sticky part off a post it and use it to mark the box as checked. Should work fine.

  14. He didn't say they were bad quality, he just said they were very generic. He's a dice enthusiast, and likes his dice to look pretty as well. The plain blue dice don't really do a whole lot in terms of adding theme.

  15. They aren't bad, just bland. Some people cant role dice unless they are shiny and fancy.

  16. how this one compare to the LOTR living card game of fantasy flight?

  17. You have to draw on the cards? Better than Talisman? Does not compute.

  18. Your enthusiasm has infected me and now I …can…not…wait… to play this. Thank you so very much for the overview. I am particularly happy to hear that this plays out very similar to an adventure/rpg in a card game format. Awesome! Great Review!

  19. The one thing I dislike about these quick overviews is that you fail to explain or really show how a turn plays out. I mean, I get to see all the makings of a game, but seeing how it plays really helps.

  20. It's meant to be an overview, not a playthrough. There is a game play video linked on boardgamegeek.

  21. There should also be slot for your reading glasses in the box, the letters are microscopic.

  22. I've never really played any RPGs before, not because I'm not interested in them, but usually because I can't find many people around me (including my wife) who want games of that sort of time commitment. Does anyone think this game would serve as a good "gateway" game to introduce friends/family to this genre? Or would you recommend another game as a better introductory gate into the realm of RPGs?

  23. For those cringing about writing on the cards as well. I went and had mine laminated and we just use dry erase markers so we can wipe it clean when we need to.

  24. Looks better than the D&D boardgames, at least this one packs a bit more story and gamey-ness. I like D&D 4E better than Pathfinder, but the D&D boardgame's just a simple version of the pen-&-paper RPG's combat system. I'd still rather play the RPGs, a bit more time invested but you get so much out of it (alternatively, play a quicker RPG like Dungeon World). I can see this being a solution if nobody wants to GM, but that's because people don't realize how fun GMing is!

  25. A good faster gateway D&D/Pathfinder style RPG is Dungeon World. Only the DM needs to read the book and understand the game well, the rest of the players play very intuitively, and the PDF is free. If your friends prefer other themes or even faster games, I'd try Fiasco (made to be played in one gamenight).

  26. There is no doubt this will be in the top 10 of the top 100 best games in this year.

  27. Ugh. I JUST made a bet wroth my girlfriend that I could make it until December without buying a board game. That was 2 days ago and now I just saw this review. Thanks Tom. -_-

  28. Well, this is essentially a CARD game not a BOARD game 😛

  29. Just ordered it from my FLGS up here in Toronto. I was wavering a bit between this and holding out for Firefly a little longer. You review has made the decision easier, thanks.

  30. That's a good idea–I think they have a mini set in this setting as well if you want to add that little bit of extra to the game. Another thing you can do (which is what I am currently doing) is put a clear sleeve on the character cards, and use a sharpie to mark the sleeve when you need to write on the cards.

  31. Which I believe Tom already suggested in his video and it completely slipped my mind until I thought about it just now….this is what happens when you get old. 😛

  32. I admittedly have not played the game but I can’t get over the feeling that when it comes down to it there really isn't a story in this game, which is what I want from anything that uses the RPG term. Please tell me is I’m wrong.

  33. Except it doesn't call it an RPG. It calls it an adventure card game. Small, but essential distinction. Tom called it an RPG in a box, which is kind of a disservice.

  34. Put your character cards in sleeves and use a china marker on the sleeve. When a new player uses that character erase or remove the sleeve and put a new one on for the new player to use.

  35. Go ahead and buy it dude, its ok, tell her its a card game not a board game.

  36. I think he means Talisman wanted to be a short version of a fun epic adventure without the need for a DM….

  37. There is a story definitely. and the expansions packs he showed briefly tell that story. they plan on regular releases every quarter to move the story along.

  38. its is as much luck based as any actual RPG. the idea and strategy involved is to minimize, and remove as much luck factor as possible. for example assuming a party of 4. so multiple locations for a scenario. each location is closed with a different tactic. wisdom divine, or straight strength. tactically you place the character with the best chance to succeed at that location. cleric at the temple, and the fighter in the mine, etc. just one example there are so many strategic choices to be made.

  39. no one likes the "components drop" except tom vasel for some reason lol. i ALWAYS forward past it. pointless, and cringe inducing to be sure.

  40. i dont own but have played several times. the card stock is in fact flimsy to my taste. this is definitely a sleever. as opposed to any game by flying frog lol.

  41. Sure, you're wrong. The box doesn't say Pathfinder Adventure Role Playing Game. It says Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. The rulebook does not say this is an RPG or an RPG wanna be. In fact, the rule actually says "This isn't an RPG." And that is the only instance of the term "RPG" to even be found in the rulebook.

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