Patriots vs. Bills Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021 -

Patriots vs. Bills Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

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  1. I just had to relive that playoff game months later. NE didnt roll over, they really tried to come back, I have to give them that but, they were outgunned. I was so impressed with the want to win from the Bill's. We are so hungry for a Super Bowl ( so am i) we are way overdue! Let's go Buffalo!

  2. You can tell the Patriots defense had in second string . No Jonathan Jones , No Jalen Mills , Kyle Dugger with the broken hand and bad leg . JC Jackson gave up two big plays . He’s so overrated. Glad he’s

  3. As a Steelers fan I absolutely adored this game. Watching the Patriots get ran through gave me life. I hope Josh Allen continues to curb stomp the Patriots for many years.

  4. Still so weird… No punts, no 4th downs, no turnovers, no FGs… just 7 drives, 7 TD's.

    On a Belichick coached team & the 2nd ranked defense in the league. Never thought I'd see the day, but damn sure happy I did 🤣

  5. The only thing that I’m concerned with this season is the transition from Daboll to Dorsey. Dorsey and the offense have chemistry but still there’s that not knowing what may happen and how he senses the defense. I expect josh Allen to become a more influential figure of our offense this year. Especially during play calling and audibles.

  6. "They're not that good, " – Boston Sports Reporter

  7. As a dolphins fan I respect the bills for how they play and like them a hell of a lot more for what they did to the pats

  8. Our defense in this game was a total joke!! Watching the game and looking back on these highlights, it's like we threw the game. The patriots can never allow a team to Straight embarrassed them again. If Buffalo continues to play like this, they will definitely be a team we can't goof off with.

  9. I will always come back to watch the greatest game I’ve ever attended

  10. Watching this for the first time as a pats fan. Missed the game and I’m glad I did lol

  11. Game was already over by that hyde pick

  12. Bill Belichicks response to this was letting his impending FA CB go to SD and overdraft a Guard in the first round. Looking forward to more nonsense this year boys.

  13. The bills had that extra point blocked on purpose

  14. The Bills whup the Patriots in the Wild Card 2021.

  15. They gave Josh Allen 45 years to throw a pass….in a playoff game.

  16. In my opinion, the GREATEST interception by a safety in the Superbowl era.

  17. i mean this wasnt even a playoff game, it was practice for the bills lol

  18. And to think that there are still some idiots out there who think that if Tom Brady had been New England's QB in this game, that would've somehow slowed down the Bills onslaught and would've prevented them from scoring 47 points 🤣 RIGHT.. Because Brady plays defense as well as offense, and would've just WILLED the Patriots to victory someway somehow.. Because His will be done, right? Smh 🤦

  19. As a pats fan this is absolutely traumatizing.

  20. watching josh allen curb stomp the patriots makes my day better

  21. Devin Singletary
    16 attempts
    81 rushing yards
    2 rushing touchdowns
    21.4 Fantasy Points!

  22. Dawson Knox
    5 targets
    5 receptions
    89 receiving yards
    2 receiving touchdowns
    20.9 Fantasy Points!

  23. Pats are done stick a fork in em. Belichick lost his edge.

  24. Watching this game again we just looked so slow



  26. Every year it becomes more apparent that the Pats should have found a way to keep Brady

  27. Sometimes, when I am sad, I come back and watch this highligh reel.

  28. New England’s defense forgot how to play football

  29. Whos here after the bills beat the rams for the season opener?

  30. And to think that they would next play probably the most exciting playoff game ever……besides "The Comeback" of course

  31. I come here from time to time to activate happiness

  32. Stupid bills no superboul wins pats have 6 the bills should not have scored so many points before pats

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