Paying for DINNER with YUGIOH CARDS?! -

Paying for DINNER with YUGIOH CARDS?!

HeadtoHead Battles
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  1. Together probably had almost $2.00 worth in cards from those packs

  2. Lol have a better luck splitting up piece starter decks

  3. Ayy that’s Saga I would know that slanted wood table anywhere

  4. You guys are the best thing to hit yugiTube. Keep up the great vids!

  5. They just have booster boxes chilling there?? Lol nice

  6. Wait you can eat the cards as well, i've seen farfa Eat cardboard on stream before

  7. You live in America you can literally get several things with that little money

  8. One of those actually looked like a cyber pidgeotto

  9. I like this idea, pick box or a number of packs, loser pays for the others dinner in that amount, fun concept 😀

  10. This should be a series and as you guys get more money, you can go to fancier places. When we going for that Costco food?

  11. "babe I'm tired of eating Cheetos let's get out"

  12. I cant get those one piece starter decks anywhere I wish I lived near u

  13. I might have to switch back to YGO from MTG. The food is way better over there.

  14. Yugioh Player: "Hey let's do a game! We'll buy some packs and the value of our pulls pays for dinner!"

    MTG Player: "I accept your offer." *Nicol Bolas smile* "But mine are collector packs."

    Yugioh Player: "What are those?"

    MTG Player: *Lays out a foil Sheoldred, The Apocolypse* "Well it's about 70$ though nobody will want it becuase it's gonna curl…thanks Wizards. I could have had a nice steak or a lot of tacos."

  15. And then they went to a lovely restaurant and had a nice meal off all y'all views and support lmao 😂

  16. I just wanna point out with you nails in all how your pack ripping is so fuckin clean

  17. Susu is a lucky man. A beautiful girl that’s in Yugioh as much you are, bro, she’s a starlight rare

  18. wai
    t were your card shop because i want to go

  19. You guys are awesome! Best yugioh couple I’ve seen in the yugioh community! ❤

  20. With my luck I'd probably be eating the packs before I even open them and season them with the salt from my tears

  21. Yall got One Piece packs? Ship 🚢 to Texas?

  22. Dam it sux but thats the most realistic pulls ive seen in a yugituber vid

  23. I didn't know Jackie Chan played Yu-Gi-Oh 🧱😱

  24. I'll give you guys an idea. Make a simple panchinko machine with money values on the bottom of each slot and depending where the ball lands you have to make a deck depending on the value the ball lands on. Lowest can be $50 & highest can be $1000

  25. Is Doom Virue Dragon miss print is it a good card

  26. this is a novel concept. keep up the video feed

  27. You should tag her PayPal I'm def not gonna mf donate 🤡🤡 but ppl will lol

  28. Y’all eating at McDonald’s in the 1970’s

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