Phillies vs. Cardinals Wild Card Game 1 Highlights (10/7/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights -

Phillies vs. Cardinals Wild Card Game 1 Highlights (10/7/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights

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Phillies vs. Cardinals full game highlights from 10/7/22.

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  1. It was awesome being there. Shout-out to the salty Cardinals fans in section 195 😂

  2. The Phillies are going to the American league division series next week

  3. Just use Franzke clips, Kay and Rod are insufferable

  4. That comeback was almost as epic as the Matt Stairs game in 2008. Go Phillies!

  5. GREAR JOB OLI !!! too bad he won't be fired , Schildt woulda won that game

  6. Jean and his celebrations while running after a clutch hit 😂😂😂😂

  7. Cards have been asleep since the end of August. Guess we'll see what happens tonight.

  8. Not sure what Oli was thinking keeping Helsley in after that many mistakes. Had plenty of time to start warming someone else up and saving the game. Oh well. Exciting game 2 tonight red birds.

  9. Did the Cardinals manager have money on the Phillies?

  10. That 9th inning is one of the things that makes baseball so great. It ain’t over till it’s over.

  11. I'm an old school guy, used to '80s and '90s baseball. The least I can say is I'm not impressed by the fielding of nowadays playing. I'm afraid baseball, too, has gone down the drain.

  12. Damn, didn't know Molina was retiring after this year as well. That is going to be one Cards-centric HOF class in 5 years…

  13. As a Phillies and Mariners fan, I have never felt so alive!

  14. Yes, sir! We won the wild card just now!!! Now to face the Atlanta Braves, which I honestly don’t think we’ll make it.

    Go Phillies!

  15. bro why did you go from 1 on to bases loaded in the 9th??? show the plays!

  16. I'm glad the cardinals Lost didn't deserve the playoffs to begin with hope the dodgers win it all

  17. Lmao 🤣.. hey Nolan, Glad to see that temper tantrum you threw to get out of Colorado got you another two games in the postseason.

  18. Come on Cards !! had I known you would once again make a no-show of your play-offs, I woud have had my Brewers win the division to represent the Central. What an anti-climax !!

  19. Maybe that silly over-the-top curtain call by that Cardinal was unwarranted?? Ha.

  20. F*ckin up 2-0, pitcher has ONE JOB!! Close the damn game, just get through one inning. And f*cks everything. CRAZY!!! Couldn’t believe what I was watching.

  21. Bro Michael Kay has such a good hr call and they yet they use the radio announcer to call it

  22. Hi each baseball team should be proud regardless win or loose that yous even made it this far all be proud the best to all of yous and congrats to all !!!!! Now with that all said go Phillies go now if your ahead on your team still keep playing like your still ahead keep playing as team players no matter what play positive and don't get no big heads just play positive great job and great job to all the baseball teams got my wine on ice no matter the out come proud either way peace be with all✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🙂

  23. Raise your hand if you knew the Cards would choke in the post season like always 🙋

  24. We should’ve won that game. I blame Mike Maddux. When the announcers could see that Helsley had lost command Maddux should’ve BEEN seen it. I blame Helsley too. He knew he was hurt and didn’t say peep until it was too late smh. Oh well congrats Phillies they took full advantage. Knew we would get swept after that game too smh…..

  25. Thank you Philly for humbling Pujols and Molina & the others!

  26. Pallante did a great job. His defensive back-up is responsible. Terrible defense. IMHO. Andre got the hitters to give up 3 grounders!! Great job Andre.

  27. That must have been a heart breaking loss not just for the Cardinal players but the fans too but the fans all had crying towels to make it bearable lol

  28. Arenado and goldsmidth are most overrated regular season players ever. Just take them away from the MVP list already

  29. I'm so sad for Quintana, he did an excellent job

  30. I was confused when we got to the 9th and the bases were loaded after the single, I had to look up a game recap. I guess you don’t show walks that’s fine if it’s the 2nd inning and the runner gets stranded but in a situation like this you should just show it. Highlights are supposed to give us a sense of the story of the game and show the most important/dramatic moments, a walk may not be action packed but it’s important to know how we got to bases loaded.

  31. 2022 NL Wild Card (Game 1)

    Phillies def. Cardinals 6-3!!!! ⚾🔔

    At the Top of the 9th Inning, Alec Bohm #28 (3B) doing an RBI Hit-by-a-Pitch as Realmuto scores and Jean Segura #2 (SS) crushes a go-ahead RBI Single and Bryson Stott #5 (SS/3B) crushes an RBI Fielders Choice and Brandon Marsh #16 (OF) smashes an RBI Single and Kyle Schwarber #12 (OF) doing a Sacrifice Fly as Stott scores as the Phillies win in a 6-3 winning game victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1!!!!! ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔


    Phillies leads 1-0!!!

  32. Was actually here that day, I thought we had it till the ninth inning came

  33. It would take a lot of baseball after that to get to the World Series.

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