Phillies vs. Cardinals Wild Card Game 2 Highlights (10/8/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights -

Phillies vs. Cardinals Wild Card Game 2 Highlights (10/8/22) | MLB Postseason Highlights

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Phillies vs. Cardinals full game highlights from 10/8/22

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  1. Realmuto is just a walking meme with his head shaking (re: top 6th inning)

  2. Phillies wins the series and advanced to the American League Division Series.

  3. My disgust lingers like a bad taste .
    8th inning … Nootbar walked
    Pujols at 42 singles sharply and A rookie Manager let's Goldschmidt kill an entire season yet … AGAIN .
    Goldschmidt then swings at a ball that was no more than 5inches off the dirt 2 ft before home plate in a 3-2 count with one out.
    Most selfish act I can remember and I have nothing good to say about a guy making 14.5 million a year being so in love with himself he can't take a walk while he is fully aware that he has sucked for a month now. Goldschmidt should have been thinking walk all the way , instead he decided I'm swinging at anything .
    14.5 million dollars is a heck of a lot to choke on I guess.

  4. Larry Anderson living vicariously through the Phillies from the booth will never get old. The man bleeds phillies

  5. Phillies had one good inning against a damaged relief pitcher. Cardinals have not hit the ball for five weeks. Such a frustrating loss against a mediocre team.

  6. Haa you guys stinks stl.Too bad you can't play the cubs 162 times huh

  7. I know someone has said this where the heck is mitt mittens the toxic fan I think he’s gone 😂

  8. Before the series started I was pretty sure that if the Phillies won it wouldn't make losing to the Cardinals in 2011 hurt any less. I gotta say, it actually did. Maybe it's the wrong way to look at things. Maybe I'm being petty. Maybe I'm just a bitter person. I feel better today knowing that Pujols, Wainwright, and Molina all ended their careers getting swept by the Phillies. I have a lot of respect for those players and I know how much they mean to Cardinals fans. They HAD to be great and they HAD mean that much to their fans. Those Phillies teams were GREAT and THEY meant a lot to us. Now we're even.

  9. Let’s gooooo 🏆🛥boys 💇‍♀️🛍🛍🛍🛍🛍🎧 she new it 9-5 it’s a deep 1 Lionel 111 🎩💼 245 million burn the stadium captain 6-17 🏆👠👠👑29

  10. Wow! Goldy and Arenado did not show up. They gotta be frustrated.

  11. Tweey Birds are just like Zoo Dork Mets, they lost both games at home? Madres beat NY Mets 6-0 on Sunday night, Oct 9. Tweety Birds also got shutout at home, 2-0. Madres will take on the Dodgers. Poopjoles got 2 base hits, but has nothing to show for. Sad! Poopjoles will retire after tonight.

  12. Para creer q el último out lo hiciera un ex cardenal,cambiado este mismo año a los pillies ,panamá en la casa 🇵🇦

  13. You can always count on St. Louis to choke. Classic Cardinals.

  14. angels are better than both of these teams – how r they not playing

  15. The Cardinals really could have used a guy like say Sandy Alcantara for this series? The extreme lack of a "Ace" type arm has really cost STL in the last 5 years of playoff appearances? I look at the Ozuna trade as the most stifling move John Mozeliak has made, completely handcuffed this core of Arenado, and Goldschmidt. Middle of the rotation arms like Quintana and Montgomery might save your season, but they will not keep you afloat in the playoffs. They need to go out and draft an ace, trade for one, or sign a free agent. Arms like Libratore, Mcgreeve, that fit into the Luke Weaver/Shelby Miller body type are not gonna cut it either

  16. Wild time for Philadelphia sports.

    Phillies just took care of the Cardinals
    Flyers 🤦‍♂️🤣😅 joke
    Sixers are always fun as well.

  17. 04:00 Harper was safe and was a pivotal moment in the game but did not come back to haunt them. With replay they missed it? Go Phillies!

  18. WOW.. No horse in this race but what a series by the Phillies. Sad to see Pujols and Molina exit like that. 2 classy baseball players.

  19. Who was the commentator that was making it obvious he was rooting for the Phils?

  20. how is every at bat of a game considered "highlights"

  21. The Phillies and the Padres winning were very unexpected, but you never know the postseason is a different monster

  22. Bohm is taking all his words he had said earlier in the year about being either Phillies😂

  23. Buh bye cards fans..enjoy the tube….ahahhahha

  24. I’m a brewer fan. This couldn’t happen to a better team and fans lol😂

  25. I can't even watch anymore of this. Already counting down to spring training 2023.

  26. so many pitches have been using stuff and haven’t been caught or are even being looked at anymore look at 2:34 on his hat

  27. I’m a lifetime Phillies fan but when Yadi came up in the 9th, I found myself pulling for him to get a hit in his last at bat. Happy the Phillies won but was glad to see him get that single.

  28. Gotta say, losing on a foul out has got to be one of the worst ways to end a game. Not even a chance that the ball might drop in, never fun to see that.

  29. As a bad Royals fan that loves the Cardinals, that foul popup to the third base side to end the season reminds me of the heartbreaking end to the 2014 World Series.
    The dejected Alex Gordon rounding third in vain. 😭

  30. Its going to be a shame to say goodbye to Pujols and Yadi, two of the ugliest players in baseball.

  31. 2022 NL Wild Card Game (Game 2)

    Phillies def. Cardinals 2-0!!!! ⚾🔔

    At the Top of the 2nd Inning, Bryce Harper #3 (RF) launches a Solo Home Run Bomb 💣 and at the Top of the 5th Inning, Kyle Schwarber #12 (OF) doing a Sacrifice Fly as Bohm scores as the Philadelphia Phillies win in a 2-0 winning game victory over the St. Louis Cardinals!!!! ⚾⚾🔔🔔

    The Phillies advances to the 2022 NLDS to take on the Atlanta Braves!!!!

    Phillies blanks the Cardinals 2-0!!! ⚾⚾🔔🔔

    Phillies win 2-0!!!!


  32. Looks like Mikolas tipped that curve to Harper in the second. And that replay at second was MLB corruption at its finest. lol. MLB wanted a fairytale story for Pujols and Molina. Harp was safe.

  33. What an interesting wordplay : Aaron Nola – Nolan Arenado.

  34. Fun Fact: The Cardinals are 6-17 in their past 23 playoff games

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