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PICK-OMINO The Card Game… and the chicken games of Zoch *Heck Meck am Karteneck*

Adam in Wales
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If you’ve followed my channel for any length of time, you’ll know that Zoch Verlag is one of my favourite publishers – their range is diverse and bonkers. And at the centre of this catalogue sit a large number of chicken games.

0:00 Introduction
2:31 Gloria Picktoria
4:09 Pickomino
5:47 Heckmeck Extrawurm
7:32 Heckmeck am Karteneck
11:04 Sushizock im Gockelwok
13:40 Schicki Micki
15:28 Pick Picknic

There isn’t really a consistent concept linking these games. We have memory games, speed reaction games, dice games, simultaneous selection & auction games. Some are designed by industry-leading inventors like Alan Moon & Stefan Dorra. Several come from the brilliant mind of Reiner Knizia. The one defining feature of all the games is the presence of chickens… and worms… these birds often seem to be awfully hungry… as well as ducks, herons, cockerels and other wildfowl – all illustrated in a very distinctive style by Doris Matthaus.


  1. Hi Adam, I am the proud owner of several of the games mentioned here, and love them. But for “Heck Meck am Karteneck” I am flummoxed by the logic behind the card design. I love the artwork but why-oh-why does the number appear twice on the top of each card. This has led to annoying ‘miscountings’ so many times. This is especially likely when displaying the cards horizontally, as in the instructions. May be I am missing something here but wouldn’t arranging the numbers in two diagonally opposite corners make more sense. This would surely be better?

  2. I love Doris' cartoony style – thanks for highlighting her work!Pickomino is our favorite quick, family dice game.

  3. I enjoy Sushizock im Gocklewok and your video prompted me to acquire and play Heckmeck am Karteneck. Yours is currently the only English video that I can find on this game. A question arose with my first play. If all but one player has passed, might this remaining player be allowed to continue playing multiple cards of different kinds (as long as she doesn’t add card(s) of a kind that matches those that she has already played)?

  4. Thank you for your love of our games! Oliver from ZOCH Verlag 😉

  5. Your ranking system is a bit complex. How would you rank this games in order?

  6. Hi Adam, I really enjoyed this one. I shall be buying a copy of Gaggle-wak soon. Last year I bought Pechvogel (features Ravens not chickens and more of Doris' art) and I can't decide if it's good or not. It gets terrible reviews on BGG, but I found it pretty engaging. Interested to hear if you've played it.

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