Playing Card Games! -

Playing Card Games!

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  1. U love this card game do u Thea ?
    just asking, u the king of this game.

  2. Hi thea! Are you studying in Scotland this September?

  3. These thumbnails are getting ridiculous 😂 they’re obviously inspired by MrBeast with the classic shock face and filter

  4. oh no Thea, you took over these stupid face thumbnails from mr-beast – you are better than this!

  5. Thea, you gave to Gwent, to Marvel Snap, to every card games you playing and streaming (all of them is truly so nice!) something great vibe that will associates in people's mind forever that games with kindness. Thank you for that ; )

  6. I love your videos ❤They are soooo… cool!!!

  7. It was fun seeing Gwent (or semi-Gwent) vid from you again! 👍 I am glad you posted the vid since I missed the streaming 😅

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