Playing Pokemon Trading Card Game Online - Flareon VMAX - 12/19/2021 -

Playing Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Flareon VMAX – 12/19/2021

Rattle Pokemon
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Playing a few rounds of Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO). Back on the Flareon VMAX deck to see how it fairs against the new decks.

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  2. I miss this game. The new tcg online isn’t as good as this one

  3. What is this game called and how do I get access

  4. Was this app was the new version of Pokemon TCG card online?🤔

  5. I use to play ptcg online during covid against my cousin and random people online I had so much fun

  6. This deck looks so good, will definitely work on trying to get it

  7. Rip ptcgo sad that it’s gone now. I missed trolling with trevenant and Crobat vmax item lock lol.

  8. Have you heard about Spellfire? A new TCG which will release next year with App support where you can level your cards 🙂 What do you think about that? Will other TCG/CCGs adapt?

  9. Pretty cool I will be getting into this I never played

  10. I’ve been running the cheese Celebrations Kyogre and Groudon deck. Kinda fun.

  11. Yo! Try a couple of orangarus. To where you can draw a card and put a card on top of your deck. It guarantees 100 dmg. It seems to work well

  12. Your videos are so chill and very watchable, love it. You should do more of these Online TCG videos. I've never played it but I have a monster stack of code cards and this looks like decent fun, will probably give it a go.

  13. I'm mad about it had my account for years decided to go play again will not let me log in made 2 different new accounts still will not 😡 I went and talked with staff and they basically told me I have wrong info I said no I'm signed into website such bull****😡 so I can only play as guest smh

  14. I just got this game a couple days ago, it's cool to see someone who is good at the game play it

  15. How to get custom sleeves and deck box in pokemon tcg online?

  16. Anyone know how many flareon v and vmaxes he runs in that deck

  17. can someone tell me please I am knew to this why i can't use my pikachu and black dragon in the back or charizard and alakazam in the back idk if I make sense I have them but I can't use them please someone tell me why? 😔😔

  18. Pokemon TCG Live is so TRASH in it's current form

  19. Vivid TCG | Pokemon Gaming & Collecting says:

    Great video! That Flareon VMAX is tough!

  20. Hi guys ! Trevenant & Dusknoir Gx, Mew V, Genesect V, Mewtwo & Mew Gx, Dragonite V on me.

  21. Hi guys ! Trevenant & Dusknoir Gx, Mew V, Arceus V, Dragonite V, Mewtwo & Mew Gx, Genesect V, … Charizard Vmax contact me.

  22. anh đội nón hình chữ đó em thấy quen quen rồi 😎

  23. Surprised Nintendo hasn't released a app for Poke'mon TCG for Nintendo Switch

  24. המכשיר שלך אינו תואם לגירסה זו

  25. המכשיר אינות תואם לגירסה זו

  26. Look fun but my Google play store cant be installed… Dont know why

  27. Bro I never knew how much I needed a team rocket hat until now

  28. I like Pokemon TCG Online before, but today, its hard, EX, GX, V, Vmax cards, everyone just have those in their decks, almost nobody use normal cards, there is no newbie corner, those who start game, so that they can play with other newbies, you are immediatley trown into fire.

  29. I wish the board and background looked better. MTG has incredible looking graphics for that

  30. I just started back playing, hadn't played in over 12 years probably closer to 15, my nephew just turned 9 and is into pokemon now and he wanted cards for Christmas and now he's playing so I'm back in the saddle lol

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