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Pokémon Card Game Rule Song – Sword & Shield Ver

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Not only does this song incorporate the rules of the Pokémon Card Game,
it is packed with all the charm and excitement of playing the Pokémon Card Game.
Whether you’re new to the game or you used to play the game,
let’s enjoy the Pokémon Card Game with this song!

—-Lyrics here—-

Poké Pokémon Pokémon Card

Decide who goes first, in a game of scissors paper stone
Be a good sport, and go and shake each others’ hand
60 cards in a deck, grab it and place it on the deck zone
Draw seven cards per man, now baby that’s your hand
So many types of cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game
Pokémon cards and Trainer cards and Energy cards, they’re not the same
Make sure you have your basic Pokémon card in your hand
Place it in the active spot, wait on the bench, think of a plan
“Now take the first 6 cards of the deck
Go on and set them aside, for the prize”
Now your prep is done, go and have some fun.
Brace yourself, the battle starts in 3, 2, 1

If you’re going first on your very first start,
Attack (and) Supporter cards are not allowed, no
Attach energy to match your Pokémon’s card
Your turn’s done, it’s their turn to go
Here come the enemies to attack your Pokémon
Now you must be ready whenever
Gotta do the knocking out or you get Knocked Out
Now go get the win it’s now or never

The Prize cards you get depends on the type of the Pokémon
“Take one card for a regular, take two if it’s a Pokémon V
Take three cards if you get to beat a Pokémon VMAX”
If you take all Prize cards, that means you win the game

Retreat to the bench if your Pokémon’s about to get Knocked Out
Use Items, Supporters, Stadiums, don’t give up and have no doubt
When Pokémon evolve they get stronger in attacks
Dynamax, Gigantamax and the eternal Eternamax

All your favourite Pokémon, inside this very special deck
The combo deck utilizing abilities
Your favourite deck that you used first

Poké Pokémon Pokémon Card
My passion burns brighter each and every time I battle
No matter how old I get, I never want to forget
Poké Pokémon Pokémon Card
Victory or Defeat, I’m always right at the edge of my seat
Smiles all around, the joy that I’ve found
Shall we go one more round?

Poké Pokémon Pokémon Card


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  12. i dosent any ideas how to play but my sons even at night they'll not stop until im mad

  13. Ya allah hamba mohon lancarkan rejeki hamba supaya bisa melunasi utang 2 hamba amiin ya Allah 🤲

  14. It's 2022 when COVID is here and there you are shaking hands

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  20. If you beat a gx or ex you take two Prize cards

  21. This is kinda cursed NGL. Good for teaching tho

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