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Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Let’s Play – Part 1

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Let’s Play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online!

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Here we are with the Pokemon trading Card Game Online! I started playing this game while it was still in it’s beta phases. Almost needless to say, I was a complete noob when I first started playing. But look how far we have come now! I couldn’t have made it this far without your guy’s support! Thank you so much!

Many people ask where I get all my virtual cards from; I buy code cards on eBay for a pretty cheap price.

Many people also ask what I use to record; I use “Fraps” to record my Pokemon Trading Card Game game play.

With that, sit back, enjoy, and Let’s Play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online!


  1. God I wish he would say 'pokemon' properly.

  2. WHen i try to play on my tablet it always crashes R.I.P

  3. Hey, I love you're vids but I have one request, could you improve the audio quality, thanks.

  4. I know this is old, but thank you for the video. my son has recently taken an interest in the game so I'm learning!

  5. My first day I played on iPad I got mega rayquaza ex crazy and 3 articuno

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  7. ive got that game ive got zapdos and mew and mewtwo

  8. what is the password
    can you give me one

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  10. 5:48 why did you have to give away the energy card but you didn't have to in the next turn? then you loss some energy cards in some turns there after

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