Post Malone Plays Magic The Gathering l Game Knights #45 l Commander Gameplay EDH -

Post Malone Plays Magic The Gathering l Game Knights #45 l Commander Gameplay EDH

The Command Zone
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Show Notes:

Posty’s getting knighted! Singer-songwriter Post Malone joins Josh, Jimmy, and Ashlen for a crazy, unpredictable, and epic Magic: The Gathering Commander game featuring the new cards from Modern Horizons 2.

It’s Merieke Ri Barit vs Xantcha vs Garth One-Eye vs Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar

Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!


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Where to find our guests online:

Post Malone:

Twitter: @PostMalone
Instagram: @postmalone

Ashlen Rose:
Twitter: @AshlenRose
Instagram: @RawrItsAshlen
Twitch: ​


Deck lists:

Posty’s Merieke:

JLK’s Garth:

Ashlen’s Xantcha:

Jimmy’s Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar:



Director: Josh Lee Kwai
Post Production Supervisor: Jake Boss
Editors: Josh Murphy, Manson Leung and Jake Boss
VFX, Animations and GFX: Sam Waldow
Assistant VFX: Patrick Nan
Director of Photography: Jake Boss
Sound Mix: Jake Boss
Writers: Jordan Pridgen and Dan Sheehan
Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Jon Salmon
Theme Music: Post Malone
Main Title Sequence: Doublewide ()
Additional GFX: Grant Aldrich and Geoffrey Palmer
Set Design: Bonnie Vacevich

Yawgmoth (voice): Craig Blanchette
Garth (voice): Manson Leung
Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar / Xantcha / Garna (voice): Ladee Danger
Merieke Ri Berit / Rise of the Dark Realms (voice): Ashlen Rose


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Commander/EDH Official Rules, Banlist, FAQ, and more:



  2. Please ditch Upstart as a sponsor, seems exploitative

  3. Plot twist: post malone's music career is to pay for his mtg hobby.

  4. kick ass that you guys got all the video assets for the cards, not sure how you guys got all of those, but that is awesome!

  5. Jimmy calling Post Malone daddy was not something I expected to see today

  6. I love how posty looks like he's having the time of his life the whole video through

  7. Another Epic Episode! Still Lovin’ the FX and techno presentation!
    Loved Jimmy’s huge looped turn!

    Question: I’ve watched 3 battles now. Why is Jimmy the first one knocked out every time? Is he that good a player, that you ALL fear him?

  8. This has to be the most watched episode in the channel history. My third time watching. 🙂

  9. Oh how I would love to play some magic with yall

  10. They played the Terminator theme when ashlyn played terminate that was awesome

  11. He needed a mayhem devil on the field. Yikes.

  12. Josh thought he was smooth with that Better Now reference

  13. That is actually insanely lit that post Malone enjoys magic, and destroyed the table. I look forward to battling it out with him one day 😀

  14. lets all take a second to acknowledge how Jimmy pronounced Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar so smoothly

  15. MTG the politest way to fuck over your friends

  16. Your channel popped up in recommended after I watched an episode of tolarian community college. Decided to give this video a watch and I subbed after 10 minutes. Love the quality and graphics and how you give yugioh anime style animation to all the cards 😀

  17. I just bought my first command prebuilt deck, and since I was raised on yugioh and have never played magic in my life, this video was super helpful in allowing a total novice to grasp some of the nuances of this game and format. Definitely subscribing for more of these, can’t wait to play more now after watching all the way through!

  18. I am baffled that they thought the guy with the remaining turn deathclock was a threat comparedto post.

  19. The show community was based on these people

  20. Everybody wowed by Post.

    Me a new player who only started the game in 2020 seeing old school cards in actual play: Damn, old school magic was broken.

  21. can we all just sit back and appreciate the video and sound editing on these videos. Props to whoever does it!

  22. This is dope but super cringe to precariously put bling next to cards xD

  23. @ 26:30 wait so you have to track commander damage from person A commander if person B steals it and does damage??? Is that correct?

  24. bro who else saw this and was like no way

  25. You know Post has been playing for awhile when you see he slightly taps his cards lmao. It gets confusing playing with older players personally, when they place their lands in the old positioning… at the top of their playmat lol!

  26. I had to stop watching after 8 mins. It got annoying hearing every one calling their draws and untaps.

  27. This is the game I have seen go the longest with all four players still in the game

  28. I gave up on magic the gathering because I resized there is really only 2 outcomes now it’s either u get killed to death or the opponent goes infinite that’s it

  29. when a player is tapped out (out of mana)**
    Post Malone: ♫ I dare you to do something ♫

  30. I had no idea post was a nerd like that. I have respect for him now lol

  31. 5:52 "Jimmy do you want to pay the one?"
    Jimmy: "I will pay the one!"
    Also Jimmy: Proceeds to not pay the 1 😂

  32. I wish there was a channel that played Yu-gi-oh this dynamically. This series is so entertaining!

  33. 45:28 – This ad was so funny. "I told you, buy singles" did me off lmaooo

  34. Let’s not over look the fact that post malones hand had to have like 30 cards in it

  35. 16:00 discards for habdsize when you just played cookbook? ;_; I am confused.

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