Prince Dark prince vs high cost card 🐴⚔️ -

Prince Dark prince vs high cost card 🐴⚔️

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  1. Did they know that the dark prince beats the triple musketeer alone?

  2. When the 2 bros work together instead of fighting

  3. No one can defeat the power of brother😤

  4. what is the point of these kind of vids? I do not get it 🙄

  5. I think royal recruits that have achieved their dream is the dark prince

  6. Dark prince carriying the team😂😂

  7. I love how these guys can never figure out how to use all 6 recruits in these shorts

  8. This is why double prince is no skill

  9. Estoon To😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. people who miss the old combos😭

  11. Mano , 2 principes é um terror , se nao tiver relampago com uma valkirya logo apos , é complicado ..

  12. Imagine how much harder they would have went if they had horses instead of pony’s 💀☠️

  13. Team dark prince : like
    Team prince : reply Team prince

  14. Why does the dark prince switch hands for his weapon?

  15. Finally someone that don't calls it "mega knight family" 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Dark prince is better than prince Chang my mind

  17. Lo del pekka pudo salir mucho mejor

  18. This let me know that two prince is unstoppable🤔

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