Prisoners Solve Their Own Cases With Card Games #shorts -

Prisoners Solve Their Own Cases With Card Games #shorts

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Prisoners Solve Their Own Cases With Card Games #shorts #shortsviral #truecrime

Discover how prisoners solve cold cases using their strategic prowess in card games, all while exploring twisted criminal dilemmas. Uncover the best cheap indie games on Steam, perfect for saving money without sacrificing quality entertainment. Dive into the psychology of killers with no remorse and unravel twisted cases in last interviews before execution. Learn about piracy in video games and the prisoners’ dilemma, all while watching cold case files to see if you can solve the mysteries. From 10 to life with Annie Elise to the phenomenon of Squid Games, find out how to get the best deals on video games while delving into thrilling criminal narratives.

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  1. The US military did this in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Playing cards were distributed with pictures of Iraq's Most Wanted on the cards. Sadam Hussain was on the Ace of Spades.

  2. Works unless somone lies to try and survive and you convict the wrong person, this also just gives inmates opportunities to lie about other inmates

  3. That was untill they found out if you lick the cards, it was laced in cocaine hahaha..

  4. It’s a good idea but 9/10 times the prisoners wouldn’t tell the guards cuz then they’ll be known as a rat

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